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YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine and if you need to market your product or grow your brand awareness you can’t go wrong. Over 50% of viewers access the platform on their mobile phones giving you access to their eyeballs if your content is good enough to capture their interest.

YouTube has over a billion daily viewers world wide with increasing numbers each day. It would be an oversight to ignore the power of  YouTube as a marketing tool for your business and branding.

The good thing about YouTube is it’s free with the ability to scale up your marketing with advanced paid accounts. You can access analytics of how well your campaign is going and interact socially with your viewers and your contemporaries. Visitors can link back to your website and social media profiles. You can also entice them to become subscribers of your channel and offer them benefits for doing so. Their subscription will keep them notified of what you are up to and your latest offerings.



Around 1.5 billion people worldwide (and counting) use Facebook a minimum one hour per day. There is a lot of potential for your brand awareness in a market that enormous.

Facebook boasts the highest eCommerce referrals than any other platform. Many people access the news, product research, brand recommendations and trusted advice on Facebook. You are able to interact socially with your customers and send them updates and access their friend lists. If your business is not taking advantage of this, you need to ask why.

We can develop your Facebook marketing campaign to target specific clientele and market niches, so you get noticed by the right people.



Australia has four million active Twitter users making it a mighty platform for getting your branding out there, gaining interaction with clients and influencers. And the good thing is it’s free!

Twitter is a great marketing tool for customer engagement and building followers and client lists. It’s a search engine you can use to increase brand awareness and convert browsers into buyers. Twitter is a ready platform to disburse your content.

We will help you generate great content for your Twitter campaign that will build brand loyalty and repeat customers.



250 million people use Pinterest each month which makes it a robust marketing tool. Over 60% of Pinterest users are female with 40% of new users being male.

Pinterest is essentially an inspiration sharing platform and many people, especially women, use it as an ideas hub for what to buy. Many ‘pinners’ use Pinterest to discover new brands and search brand pins while shopping in brick and mortar stores. This is a highly influential marketing tool for your business.

Let us create your professional profile and direct traffic to your website with images and keywords, back links to your website and build connections to other users.



One billion world wide users and 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily, and rising. Instagram has a high customer engagement rate and is a powerful  marketing tool with great features like boosting follower numbers and connecting to influential marketers.

Instagram has the highest rate of social engagement than any other social media platform. With an effective marketing strategy and great visual content you can leverage the benefits of Instagram to engage ever larger audiences and build your community of customers.



Over 500 million users worldwide make it the best way to connect with other professionals, build a network and boost awareness of your brand. We can create your business profile and you can watch the traffic to your site increase.

The power of engaging on LinkedIn as a marketing strategy is existing connections are there for you to tap into and build your reputation through word-of-mouth. A business profile or company page will grow your connections and boost business. Having a compete and active page with regular posting will gain followers at faster rate than an incomplete and sporadically active profile.



Of all the types of marketing, email marketing has been around longer than any other digital strategy. Its a simple means to build brand awareness via emails to customers. An email campaign is a great business strategy for promoting your business, boosting customer loyalty and strengthening customer relationships. Its very easy on the hip pocket, so if you have a small budget you get quite a lot of bang for your buck.

With the latest email marketing software, we can help you build your data base of clients, design and set up campaigns and track analytics like click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.  We will also make sure your emails are responsive on all devices.

We are Your Social Media Agency

We are a social media agency that believes in social media marketing. It is by far the cheapest from of marketing with potentially the furthest reach. The return on your investment will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

People connect to social media for all sorts of reasons. We are turning to social media in droves to stay informed, shop online, look for bargains, get recommendations, connect with like minded people, sell our own stuff, read reviews and the list goes on.

Strategic management of your social media campaign will reap you many rewards.

For a successful social media campaign you will need a strong content strategy that speaks to your audience and captures their attention. With timely marketing tactics, your preferred media platform can send targeted messages to your followers and build brand awareness.

If you’re dragging your feet about getting onto the Social Media bandwagon then there’s no time like the present to get started.

#socialmedia is the new word of mouth


You’d be surprised what Social Media can do for your business, so why not ask us today how to get started?

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