Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of reporting do you offer?

    Generally speaking we use Google Analytics to track, measure, and analyse results from our SEO campaigns. We regularly check website metrics each day and we provide a full report to our clients every month.

  • What is our payment schedule?

    We generally ask for a 50% deposit to begin any project with a final 50% at project completion. For ongoing work such as digital marketing campaigns we charge by the month with the first payment required to start the project.

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  • Who owns my logo once you’ve created it?

    You do. Once final payment has been made all rights to the logo design are transferred to you.

  • Can you help source images?

    Absolutely. We use several stock libraries for high quality, non-cheesy photographs ensuring your website sparkles. However, if you require more unique photos then we can arrange a photographer to visit you in your office or in the field.

  • White Space Explained

    White space is vital

    White space refers to spacing amongst the various elements in a website such as text, images and menus. Having a balanced amount of white space and content means the visitor can read the information more easily rather than having information crammed in so tightly that the content is over looked.

    Getting the balance right between having the right amount of white space and content is a difficult one and keeps plenty of passionate web designers up at night.

  • What’s the Difference Between Branding and a Logo?

    Logos are a stand alone graphic interpretation of your business. Logos are vital as they will be used on your website, letterhead and business cards but branding is the full picture of your business.

    Effective branding ties your advertising, marketing and image together so clients understand what your business is about what you stand for.

  • Are Email Addresses Included in Cost of the Website?

    Of course. All our web designs include up to five email addresses. If you are a large company and require more email addresses then please contact us. Often even small companies have multiple email addresses.

    There might be the owner’s, a contact email on your website info@ or hello@ and even accounts@ to keep your invoices in the one email address.

  • Can I View the Traffic to my Website Easily?

    Yes. All our web designs come with a free web tracking program. We normally recommend using a more sophisticated program that costs $80 per year that is easy to understand and tracks visitors so you can easily see where your marketing dollars are best spent.


  • Can You Maintain my Website?

    Many of our clients are budget conscious so we do our best to teach clients to maintain their websites themselves. However…website maintenance is time consuming and really its much like cleaning your house every week, its tedious, ongoing and its more fun to work on your business than maintain your website. We offer affordable Website Maintenance services where you pay a monthly fee of $100 AUD that includes:

    • Website Backups
    • Security/ Virus Scans
    • Plugin and Software program updates
  • Do you Provide Web Hosting with Web Design?

    Yes we do. We can look after all your web hosting needs, whether you want a small business package or a large scale hosting package. Our servers are based in Australia and are state of the art in terms of security and software compliance.


  • What files do I get when We Push Buttons design my logo?

    We provide every imaginable file extension so your logo can be used in a variety of applications. You may only need your logo on business cards, flyers, letterhead and your website but overtime you may need it in other situations such as on the side of a van, on a billboard and maybe even TV advertisements or magazines so you’ll need your logo in as many file formats as possible.

    • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files – high quality vector based file used in high end printing. With an EPC File you can use your logo on everything from T-Shirts through to billboards without any loss of image quality
    • AI (Adobe Illustrator) files – These are vector based files used by most graphic designers so you can modify your logo easily
    • PDF Files – Every computer can view a PDF so special software is not necessary to view the image. PDFs are great for emails
    • Web Ready Images – Both jpg and gifs will be supplied so you may incorporate your logos on any online application
    • We can also create a Favicon .ico file which is the tiny logo to the left of your URL
  • What’s the average time it takes to design a website?

    The turn around time to design a website varies entirely depending upon the size of the project and how much information you can provide us from the start. A typical turn around for a small website design might be six weeks. We do of course work on larger projects that have a 12-month time frame but they are the exceptions to the rule.

    If you already have all your text, logos, and images then a realistic time frame is 3-4 weeks for the 1st draft to be submitted, a further two weeks for the 2nd draft and launch 1-3 weeks after that.

  • What are the best social media platform for your organisation?

    This entirely depends on your industry. As part of our research we will advise you on the best platforms to spend your time and effort on, rather than just trying everythign all at once.

    For example if you sell interior design products then Pinterest might be the best platform for you, if you put on regular events then you can’t overlook Facebook, if you’re into B2B then LinkedIn is a no brainer and don’t forget Instagram for retail.

  • So how do we begin the web design process?

    We ask all our clients to begin by completing our online questionnaire seen here  so we get a better understanding of your organisation, your goals and what you are trying to achieve with a new website. Web design is an involved process but isn’t nearly as intimidating as it first appears, and we’re always here to help guide you through the web design process.

  • Can someone help with our website content?

    We have several copy writers than know how to write effective, SEO friendly content for your website. Depending upon how many pages you need written and how technical the writing needs to be we can arrange a separate quote for the content writing.

  • Can we arrange web hosting?

    Absolutely. We have 4 custom built VPS servers in our datacentre in Sydney and Brisbane ensuring your website will be online 24/7, safe, secure and protected from hackers.

  • Does your website work on mobile phones and tablets?

    Absolutely. We ensure all our websites are mobile responsive and we design 3 interfaces (desktop, mobile and tablet) ensuring your website will look as good on a mobile as it does on a desktop.

  • Are there lock in contracts for your Digital Marketing work?

    No, not at all. You need a contract when you’re buying a house, you shouldn’t need one when you are growing a business. All of our digital marketing and SEO work is invoiced monthly and paid prior to the work starting in that month.

  • How do I Learn to Update my Website Content?

    All of our web designs include 1 1/2 hours of training which is normally enough to get you updating the basics o your website. Further training can be arranged at $125 per hour.


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