Digital Publicity

Digital Media Marketing, Publicity & Promotion

Publicity in the age of Digital Media

Publicity has changed radically with the rise of social media. Newspaper/magazine advertising has been nudged well to the side (though it still has a place) and there are now myriad different avenues for promotion. We’ll combine digital plus traditional media marketing to get your products and services onto more screens, web and other pages – and into more hearts and minds.

Digital Publicity

  • Media Releases
  • Publicity
  • Fundraising Publicity

Media Releases

Any public relations campaign for your business has to include an ear- and eye-catching media release. Splash your message out to the world, inform, entertain and hook potential customers in.

We live and breathe sharp, concise yet detailed copy –  to steer the attention of busy media outlets to you. Your event, product, service or business will head their ‘to do’ lists.


Digital publicity lifts your brand’s visibility and expands exposure online. Say hello to more traffic and help your organisation get to where it needs to.

What forms does this PR take? Editorials in major media, media quoting you as a ‘thought leader’, receiving invitations to speaking engagements, writing on industry publications – or being a guest on the hottest podcast.

Fundraising Publicity

The public can’t support your organisation and it’s causes if they’ve never heard of you. That’s where we come in – we’ll build a coherent, intelligent publicity campaign that runs alongside your fundraising activities. But there’s no rocket science here. More people knowing your cause equals more funds raised.

Publicity & Media Connections

We Push Buttons taps in to a myriad of media networks to get you on screen, and on digital and hardcopy pages.

Our prolific publicity people will research the hell out of your audience and industry niche. Then we’ll back-light your story with colour and movement, whatever you’re selling or doing – you might be moving vacuum cleaners, offering legal services, an environmental conference or a multi-arts festival. Our media campaigns will reach – and enliven – the right channels for your industry and location.

And we manage all facets of your media relationships. We’ve got connections with on- and offline industry publications, traditional print, television, and radio. Let us influence and deliver and make your competitors sigh.

Got an event that needs coverage and promoting? We Push Buttons, your preferred media outlets and you – what a team – will put your brand on lots of lips, insert you in bold into plenty of e-calendars and diaries.

Ready to take your organisation to the next level?