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Content Marketing

Great content is one thing. Driving action is another. Put the two together and you have something that’s both powerful and effective!

That’s what we call response-driven content marketing.

And that’s what we do.

Content Marketing Services

  • Writing for the Web
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email direct marketing (EDM)
  • Digital Publicity
  • Video Production
  • Infographics, White papers & e-books

Writing for the Web

Customers expect brands to have an identifiable personality and style, so it’s important to cater to their preferences in terms of how they like to consume and engage with content. The key is to find the right balance between creating content that is both informative and interesting, while also ensuring content is relevant to your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO experts will translate your business goals into a successful digital marketing campaign. We analyse thousands of data points to create a digital marketing plan aimed at increasing your website’s search engine rankings, traffic and ultimately help your organisation gain the trust and following it deserves.

Email direct marketing (EDM)

An email campaign as part of EDM (electronic direct mail) marketing is a mighty tool for grabbing repeat business.

EDM marketing is very easy on the hip pocket, so even with a small budget you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Digital Publicity

Publicity has changed radically with the rise of social media. Newspaper/magazine advertising has been nudged well to the side (though it still has a place) and there are now myriad different avenues for promotion. We’ll combine digital plus traditional media marketing to get your products and services onto more screens, web and other pages – and into more hearts and minds.

Video Production

You’ve got this mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind product or service the world has to know about. High quality video & photography are a superb way to engage with a bigger audience.

Infographics, White papers & e-books

Developing a well thought out Infographic or eBook can help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Technical Content Marketing

Technical Writing & Marketing

We’ve got the knack.

There’s a knack to technical content writing that comes with years of experience working in complex, highly technical markets.
We have that experience. That’s why we’re confident in our ability to generate compelling content that talks directly to your audiences in terms they totally get!

Content Strategy

Keyword & Industry Research

The purpose of keyword research is to reveal the exact terms people use when searching for a product, information, event or service on a search engine such as Google and Bing. What are the most popular phrases users type into Google when looking for products or services similar to what you offer.

There are millions of websites competing for attention, making it ever more difficult to get discovered. You need to develop a keyword research document where you can quantify what are the most searched phrases in your industry and where are the least competition for these topics. By conducting thorough keyword research you will be able to priortise content on your website based on the best opportunities based on research rather than just guess work.

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