About We Push Buttons

We Push Buttons is a for-purpose, digital agency offering a full suite of digital services that include digital marketing, website design & development, strategy development, content writing, strategic business planning, branding, training, app development as well as search engine optimisation.  We employ a broad range of multidisciplinary expertise and each member of the We Push Buttons team has a breadth of on-the-ground experience working as web developers, web designers, communication/UX designers, graphic designers, digital marketing experts, search engine optimisation specialists, and highly skilled content writers.

We understand the stresses that organisations face to keep pace with technology, often leaving many businesses stumbling in the dark to remain competitive. We also know there is no avoiding the complexities, expertise, and rigour required to achieve online success. We Push Buttons works hard to keep things simple, and the results speak for themselves – for more than a decade now, we have helped countless organisations achieve real success.

We Push Buttons pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach to the delivery of high-quality, innovative, and creative digital campaigns. We assist our clients to successfully navigate the digital world, to reach, engage, and above all convert audiences into customers.

Why work with We Push Buttons?

We Explain the Web

The successful delivery of a comprehensive digital service requires a variety of specialist skills. Imagine a car assembly line if you will, with its systematic approach to building a vehicle from the ground up, every stage requiring its own proficiencies and expertise. Web design is similar in that it requires a combination of processes and competencies to create a well-functioning, smooth-flowing website – all components are built separately, yet integrated seamlessly.

The We Push Buttons team of experts provides the means to guide you through your organisation’s transformation through an effective and eye-catching website, business strategy, or digital marketing campaign.


The client always comes first

Yes, it’s that old chestnut again, and We Push buttons believe that adhering to this principle will directly influence the success of your website. In this business, one learns that it is important to remember your first priority is guaranteeing your online presence appeals first and foremost to your customers. The We Push Buttons design team understands the effectiveness of tailoring a digital strategy to accommodate the tastes and preferences of our client’s customer base. Our skill lies in creating appealing tailor-made sites that catch the attention of your customers and keep them coming back again and again.

We love a good challenge

The We Push Buttons team enjoys a challenge. We also pride ourselves on being a leading agency. If you have an off-the-wall inquiry, try us. If we don’t know the answer, we will enjoy finding the solution. Our network of like-minded professionals works together to develop and discover new and better ways of doing things.

We’re innovative

We love innovation and we’re enthusiastic about keeping up with the latest technologies and peering into future developments.

That being said, we resist the temptation to be driven by fads and trends. In the digital world, new trends and programs pop up all the time and then disappear just as quickly. Plenty of new apps and programs are not time-tested and end up being costly and redundant. Experience and good judgment are key to catching the best wave…lucky for you We Push Buttons have both!

We’re never far from the phone

Call us old-fashioned but we believe in personally answering our phones! If for some reason you can’t reach us, we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

We’re big enough to tackle any job but small enough to really know our clients. Because of this, we take the time to fully understand the past, present, and future aspirations of your business. This is achieved by asking the right questions, to tease out the fibres, ensuring you systematically achieve every single one of your aspirations.

When you engage our services, you become part of our extended network. This doesn’t mean we will bombard you with newsletters and marketing material, but if you seek it, we will send you articles, ideas, and invitations to benefit your business.

Website Support

We Push Buttons provide ongoing technical support & advice during the development and launch phase of your project. We also run tutorials for your business so that if you choose, you can manage the site in-house. We quietly update your website in the background to ensure your site remains relevant and functional on all devices.

We offer impartial advice

Whatever the assignment, we will find you the best solution – a solution based on your needs and budget. Our breadth of technical knowledge means that it doesn’t matter whether your website requirements are simple or intricate – we will strike the right balance to develop and produce a unique platform that effectively addresses your requirements.

We like getting our hands dirty, so we collaborate with you from the ground up to deliver a comprehensive design package. Throughout the build, we keep you in the loop – ensuring you walk away with the knowledge and competencies needed to maintain your site.

Let’s get technical

Actually, you don’t need to worry about the technical side of things, because we take care of that for you.