Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a process that helps you understand what potential customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the purchasing journey. These insights allow you to invest in the right marketing activities and channels, create the most relevant messaging during each stage and turn more prospects into paying customers.

What is a Sales Funnel?

There are four main stages in a sales funnel: awareness, interest, decision and action. Each stage represents a different level of engagement with your product or service.

Awareness: Potential customers become aware of your product or service through marketing activities such as publicity, social media, organic traffic or word-of-mouth.

Interest: Once potential customers are aware of your brand or product, they will start to develop an interest in it. At this stage, customers will decide whether to engage your services or not. To capture their interest, you need to have a strong sales funnel in place.

Decision Stage: The decision stage is when clients decide whether or not to buy your product or service. They may compare you to other companies at this stage. A sales funnel can help you close more sales by nurturing leads and guiding them through the buying process.


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