Scoopshot: A Way Forward for Photographers?
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Scoopshot: Potentially another revenue stream for Photographers When it comes to copyright issues, photographers and other visual artists often have it much worse than others. Photography is easy to take, difficult to track and, depending on how it’s used, difficult to resolve cases of misuse. A combination of copyright infringement, increased competition and the large… Read more »

Lyrical Poems- Creating A Great Title
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Creating A Great Title for my Lyrical Poems When it comes to choosing a title for any of my Ranthems, I’m mindful of impact, affect and delivery. Obvious or cheesy titles have no place in my methodology in creating a Ranthem. One of my most popular Lyrical Poems ‘Open Heart Note’ came about as a… Read more »

Ideas Galore!

Ideas Galore! Ideas are like ants, they’re everywhere. Why don’t we trip over them? A: Because we don’t see them. Ideas are free but highly valuable. They sneak up on us when we least expect them. Here’s some now! Ideas go out solo but love the company of friends. The strongest ideas are as lean… Read more »

8 Tips for Publishing Images – The Business of Art
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Sending Images to your book publisher This is the first in a series of articles by Julie McGregor owner of Love of Books. Tip #1 Images need to be supplied at 300dpi for the best print quality. (If you can only provide images at 72dpi they must be at least 4 times the size you… Read more »

Be A Business Of Personality

“I’m A Real Boy!” Do you ever find yourself feeling like a walking target for ads and sales pitches?  It seems like we live in a world much like the movie Minority Report, where upon entering a store or website we are inundated with “Buy Now” and “Click Here”.  Don’t get me wrong, we all… Read more »

Social Media and your business

Social Media and your business Social media is one of those things we promise ourselves to schedule in at the end of the working day. Yet how often do we break that promise as other work takes priority with seemingly not enough hours in the day? With the average business owner working up to 12… Read more »

The Latest Social Media Initiative- Google +1

Google +1 The juggernaut that is Google keeps rolling on… with the launch of their new “Google +1” Social Media program in Australia this week (as seen in the footer of this website). According to Google the +1 button is short for ‘you should check this out’. All someone has to do is tick the… Read more »