Custom eCommerce Web Design

Numerous benefits of eCommerce Online shoppers can browse products, read reviews and compare prices without leaving home. eCommerce is the way of the now and the future. Every business needs a great website that customers can easily navigate. Your products catalogue and shopping cart will be well organised and user friendly with a tried and… Read more »

What is Domain Authority?

What’s the difference between Page Authority & Domain Authority? Your Domain Authority measures the ranking strength of your whole website and its subdomains, Page Authority measures the strength of individual pages within your site. It has a similar scoring algorithm as Domain Authority, from 1-100. Your site’s authority and your competitors It would be a waste of… Read more »

Social Media and the Busy Business

Including business social media into your schedule Personally, as a small business owner, I do not work the usual nine-to-five hours that most of the population do. While running my own business, the practice of finishing work hours late into the night is quite common. Working into this long day I have to spend considerable… Read more »

YouTube for Business

What other benefits are there to a YouTube channel for your business? The benefits of a professionally produced video cannot be over-stated. You may have great content on your page, but users tend to scan, rather than read, at least until they find something that really grabs their interest. With a YouTube business video embedded… Read more »

A Social Media Campaign is Good for Business

You can’t be in business these days without a Social Media presence. If you’re dragging your feet about getting onto the social media campaign bandwagon then there’s no time like the present to get started. You’d be surprised what a Social Media campaign can do for your business, so why not ask us today how… Read more »

Online Booking System for Clients

What is an online booking system? An online booking system is a software that allows you to manage reservations through your website. The advantage of having an online booking system is that your booking system never sleeps. Customers can book anytime, even if you are not there to attend to business. A booking system does… Read more »

Optimise User Behaviour: Keep your Website Clicking

Optimise User Behaviour Anyone visiting your site and interacting with your content is a website user, and understanding user behaviour is a key to boosting your conversion rates. Optimising your web pages will capture website visitors. In order to optimise, you need to monitor user behaviour and analyse visitor interactions. Analysis will give insights into… Read more »

What is a Heat Map and why do we need one?

A heat map is a data visualisation tool that uses colour to highlight the areas of your web page that get the most attention from a user’s mouse. The colours range from cool to hot, which means when you look at your web page, the areas displaying the hottest colours are the areas where the… Read more »

Effective Content Writing: Converting Words into Action

Content Writing The common application among all websites is content writing. It takes less than five minutes browsing the net on any given subject to start drowning in content. There is no denying that a lot of content is poor quality and boring. We all know what happens when we get bored with a website… Read more »

Matterport 3D Walk Through Features for Your Website

Matterport is a great 3D walk through feature on your website We have been approached by clients to embed Matterport walk through into their website allowing visitors to explore architectural spaces in a virtual 3D format. Matterport is a great digital solution for architects, real estate agents, and builders to showcase internal and external spaces… Read more »

What Makes a Good Community Directory?

Community Directories A lot of local councils are taking up the building community directories as part of their strategy to strengthen their communities. Some of the existing directories are quite good, comprehensive and easy to navigate and some are visually messy and confusing to use. An online directory is a convenient place to search for… Read more »

How to use Pozible, Australia’s Crowdfunding Platform

Getting it right is Pozible! Pop onto Pozible and scroll through past successes, and you’ll find projects spanning everything from the arts to animal and human welfare. Artists, innovators, educators and community and environmental groups have all benefited from successful Pozible campaigns: the diversity of excellent projects on offer is a testament to the strength… Read more »

What is a Landing Page?

If you are using a home page as your landing page you are most likely losing valuable sales leads. The home page of your website is designed to be general purpose and explain what it is your business does, and why you do it so well. Imagine your home page is the shop front window:… Read more »

What is the Ultimate Content Marketing Team?
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What is the ultimate content marketing team?   A content marketing team functions within a framework that has a content strategy, a sufficient timeline, and a realistic budget to work with. The team will consist of several different people with complementary skills in order to execute a content marketing strategy. How can you get the… Read more »

A Podcast Might be What You’re Looking for

Have you thought about Podcasting? A Podcast can transform your static web page and turn it into so much more. In fact, audio quality can often be the most neglected area of an otherwise professional web presence. Make your webinar sound as professional as the content: Speech on the internet has to be clear, loud… Read more »

Using Your Blog for Marketing Purposes

Have you thought about using your blog for Marketing purposes?   If your business has an online presence, it’s vital to have a blog for marketing. It’s all about getting conversations going between your business, prospective customers and influencers. Blogging and social media are the only methods to have two-way conversations with people, without being… Read more »

Choosing a Self-publishing Platform

Choosing a Self-publishing Platform Any writer who has made it to the end of a manuscript (and through the various edits) knows how hard it is to finish, however, there’s something waiting for you that’s even tougher than finishing that book – marketing and publishing it! Nevertheless, it’s not impossible and with self-publishing no longer… Read more »

Disqus: the only commenting system worth contemplating

Why we recommend Disqus as our preferred commenting system: If you are running a blog or website and want your commenting system to be real time, fast, effortless and user-friendly, Disqus is the only plugin worth contemplating. Disqus is free and readily available on platforms like WordPress, and it’s a quick and painless process to… Read more »

Tim Flannery Event

An Evening with Tim Flannery The team at MASH have exceeded themselves yet again by organising Australian of the Year, Tim Flannery to Castlemaine Town Hall on September 26th. Tim Flannery, will be talking at the Castlemaine Town Hall about how Australia can prepare itself for a clean energy future in the light of the remarkable… Read more »

Crowdfunding for the Arts and Charity Industry

How to Stand Out in the Crowdfunding Arts and Charity Community We’ve all heard stories about the crowdfunding idea that goes viral, netting the lucky newbie thousands, or making a cause instantly famous, but let’s face it; success is the exception, not the norm. With less than 50% of causes reaching their targets on crowdfunding… Read more »