Content Writing

Content writing, content strategy and digital marketing for organisations large and small.

Growing a business online is every bit as labour intensive as growing a business in the real world; generating revenue and building customer traffic to your site requires strategy, time and money.

Content writing is an important aspect of marketing to your target audience and amplifying the virtues of your business, services and products. Online success and good web content go hand in hand. Increasing search-ability and engaging potential customers long enough to explore your site leads to sales and revenue growth for you.

We Push Buttons have a skilled team of writers, editors and researchers that understand online readers. We are ready to make your content a hit, grabbing all the right key words relevant to your business.

Writing articles, blogs, case studies, newsletters, promotional material, product descriptions are all part of the service.

Why is your  content so important?

It takes less than five minutes browsing the net on any given subject to start drowning in content, and there is no denying that poor quality is boring and bounces browsers away from your website.  Effective copy writing grabs attention, offers new information, taps into desire and calls for action. In essence, good copy converts visitors into customers.

Consumers have a short attention span, and sifting through an ocean of boring content on the net throws them off to sites with better consumer engagement. Throw them a lifeline of focused, informative copy that fulfils their desires and you have a chance to convert visitors into loyal customers.



Content marketing

Can you believe there are over four million articles and blog posts being uploaded to the internet every single day?

Content that hooks your readers in will keep them coming back for more. That's why a solid content marketing strategy needs to be employed.

In order to stand out from the crowd you need to be creating content that connects to your audience in a meaningful way and engages them on the platforms they are most like to engage with.


Content Strategy

Content strategy needs to be detailed and backed up with clear steps, with defined targets to get the results you want from your online presence. Your content should characterise your business and how you stand out from your competitors. It will in the end associate you with your customers, connect you with your contemporaries and define you with search engines like Google.

Essentially, having a well thought out content strategy brings together content writing, SEO, keyword research, content give-aways as well as a social media strategy.

Your strategy will be three things: content planning, content delivery and content analytics.


Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation gives Google and other search engines the right context for your site with the aim to appear close to the top of the search page when customers use particular search terms. Key words, relevant content and tags all help Google maximise the number of browsers to your site.

If you want customers to find you among the thousands of other sites competing for attention on the net then a great SEO strategy is necessary.

We Push Buttons will conduct in depth keyword research and search terms analytics that will best enhance your web pages to your customers. You will never get lost to obscurity with our SEO strategy, appearing nearer to the top of search engine pages than your contemporaries.


Email marketing

With the latest email marketing software, we can help you build your data base of clients, design and set up campaigns and track analytics like click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions. We will also make sure your emails are responsive on all devices.

Do you have a writer’s block on what to say in your email campaign? Not to worry, we have experts in digital marketing to help.

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Social media marketing

People are connecting via social media to get trusted advice. That advice might come in the format of a DIY renovation forum, an interior design social media network, an IT blog or a reputable source on Twitter. If you’re dragging your feet about getting onto the social media bandwagon then there’s no time like the present to get started..

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Publicity in a digital world

We manage all aspects of media relationships and have connections in industry publications, print, television, and radio to generate influence to deliver a comprehensive marketing campaign

We work with traditional media such as newspapers across Australia and online magazines and publications. We work within your budget to ensure you have maximum coverage available to you.

Social Media Publicity on digital platforms requires research and planning to form a specific package unique to your needs. Your marketing campaign needs to stand out from the crowd, and on social media the crowd is big and loud.

We write, re work and create content for campaigns that work and target your audience.

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