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Visual Communication

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We humans are visual creatures.

When we first meet an organisation online, we’ll judge them according to the inventiveness, wit and cohesive interplay of their messaging on page and screen. Seeing an original combination of elements, colours and text grabs us every time.

We want to be shaken and stirred, nudged a bit off the path of familiarity and visual conformity – into places we haven’t seen before but know we want to explore.

Visual communication is about tapping in to viewers’ emotions. The best way to attract new clients is through imagery that makes people feel – that you ‘get’ them, that they’ve found an interesting new ally, that you’ll lead them to bigger and better days.

Our Visual Design Services

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Brochures/flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Posters

Logo Design

You want your logo to capture your company aesthetic in a striking visual message that embeds your brand in customer minds.

Well designed logos are easy-to-read and recognise, and are transferable across multiple applications – or can even be animated.

Right now you might only need a logo for a business card, letterhead, or website – but who knows where you will want your logo to appear in the future?


If you’re looking to move your organisation up a level or three, our branding packages can do the lifting. We’ve worked with clients large and small, either to build brands from scratch or to re-energise existing ones.

We’ll work with you to understand your business and where you want to go, and then we’ll customise a package to your organisation.


Hardcopy brochures and flyers can expertly complement your online business brand or message – there’s nothing like holding in your hand an organisation’s message, or information being presented onscreen in a webinar/online forum.

Our design team has decades of experience in crafting artfully laid out hardcopy works to convey a lot of  company information within limited space.

Business Cards

Business cards can be overlooked in these digital days but top-shelf cards will make you stand above the bland.

We design distinct and memorable business cards that potential clients will never lose in their wallets.


An arresting, unique poster that conveys your message simply yet effectively is an invaluable visual communication tool.

Digital or hardcopy posters can be works of art and design to make your message endure and can easily be adapted for use across social media platforms.

Logo Design

Our WePushButtons design-crunchers live and breathe branding package creation – and we’ll always include a logo for your company that sings itself off the screen or page.

A recognisable, easy-to-read logo that transfers with punch yet grace across multiple applications will get you your branding objectives. You might only need your logo for a business card, letterhead, or website at the moment, but who knows where you’ll want it to appear down the track?

We cook up creations to encapsulate your company message and ethos with flair – and extend a stylishly put-together hand in greeting to your target audience.