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Video Production

  • Fundraising for Not-for-Profits
  • Small Business Interviews
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Online Training Courses
  • Digital Marketing
  • How-To Videos

You’ve got an amazing product or service that you want the world to know about, and a video is a great way to engage a bigger audience with your business.

The details of why you do what you do, the challenges, the process, the passion and commitment that goes into it is what engages people.

Storytelling is the most powerful technique for building human-to-human connections.

Let us tell your story.

We are passionate about bringing stories to life. Our resident video producer Ben Harding has interviewed hundreds of people and knows how to get the best results from even the most camera-shy person.

He knows how to tell a story. Effectively. Inexpensively.

To best communicate your story in a video, we need to we will discuss with you the content and style you want and consolidate this into a concise brief. We’ll organise the location and logistics, the filming, edit to first cut, get your approval, do a second edit and of course delivery of the final product.

And we can help you put the video onto your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook and then promote your video to the masses.


Hope Assistance Local Tradies (HALT)

  • Mental health awareness
  • trades industry
  • overcoming stigma

HALT’s vision is that every tradie in Australia shakes the stigma of depression and other mental illnesses and speaks out how they feel.

HALT is focused on the reduction of suicides in the trades industries through it’s ‘Save your Bacon’ events which are held at hardware stores and other venues across Victoria.

See more on HALT

Interplay Project

  • Cultural documentaries
  • Short films

Musician Manuel Dhurrkay from the Saltwater Band explains how singing, dancing and playing music makes people proud of their culture.

This interview is part of the Interplay Project, a national study on Aboriginal wellbeing in remote Australia. The Interplay Project is supported by the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centres Program through the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP). The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the CRC-REP or its participants.

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Fred's Tiny Houses

  • training
  • customer testimonials

Fred’s Tiny Houses is a Central Victorian Tiny House company which makes and manufactures Tiny House Trailers as well as run workshops across Australia and will be launching online courses in early 2020.

The customer testimonial by Kerrie needed a beautiful tiny house so she could get close to her grand kids. Mission accomplished! Hear what Kerrie loves about her tiny house.

See Fred's Tiny House website

CHIRP Community Health Castlemaine

  • Community Health
  • Promotional
  • Petitioning & Fund raising

CHIRP Community Health is a community based, public benevolent organisation that has been working with the local community since 1984. With more than 30 employees and 70 volunteers, CHIRP provides a wide range of services and programs aimed at promoting health and preventing illness in the Mount Alexander Shire.

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Central State Drilling

  • tutorials

Central Victoria’s preferred drilling contractor, Central State Drilling discusses how a water bore is drilled. A quick yet comprehensive tutorial on how a stock and domestic water bore is drilled, from the divining to drilling and pump installation.

See Centre State Drilling website

Video Hosting Platforms


Vimeo is often described as a gorgeous niche community of like-minded film and video enthusiasts, but it is all that and much more. If you’ve worked hard on an online campaign for your business and produced a quality marketing video, Vimeo is the best platform for you. Many advertisers choose YouTube without question, believing that their advertising dollar is best spent with the online streaming giant, but there are some serious drawbacks.

For a start, it is very easy for other advertisers to hijack your campaign by placing their ads on your video. Also, there is no quality control so your video, regardless of content, may end up rubbing shoulders with men dancing in chicken suits or funny home videos of the family cat. Last but not least, because of questionable content, YouTube is blocked by many businesses, so you may not be able to reach your target audience during business hours.


YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine and if you need to market your product or grow your brand awareness you can’t go wrong. Over 50% of viewers access the platform on their mobile phones giving you access to their eyeballs if your content is good enough to capture their interest.

YouTube has over a billion daily viewers world wide with increasing numbers each day. It would be an oversight to ignore the power of  YouTube as a marketing tool for your business and branding.

The good thing about YouTube is it’s free with the ability to scale up your marketing with advanced paid accounts. You can access analytics of how well your campaign is going and interact socially with your viewers and your contemporaries. Visitors can link back to your website and social media profiles. You can also entice them to become subscribers of your channel and offer them benefits for doing so. Their subscription will keep them notified of what you are up to and your latest offerings.


Wistia is designed exclusively to serve organisations who use video on their websites for sales support, training, how-to guides, staff training as well as webinars and conferences. Wistia is ideal for ‘on-site’ videos where marketing your brand is important.

Wistia is the best option of the three hosting platforms if you want to present professional videos on your website or intranet and has no advertising along with 100% of your branding.

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