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The main objective of our strategic business advisory service is to provide trusted practical advice, in a responsible, timely and accurate way, usually to the CEO or Owner of a business, and always in keeping with its purpose, mission, vision and values.

We ensure that we utilise a collaborative approach with all the connections of the organisations by using a holistic process that traverses the interfaces of functions within a company, as well as the interfaces that exist between companies and other entities such as universities, government, and research institutions in the external environment.

In this sense, we straddle the internal organisation and the external world, and process all the resulting data to deliver a future-oriented, long-term strategy that ensures optimum outcomes.

Our Process

How do I make the right connections and build value in my organisation?

  • We listen to you, ask questions, assess with you your needs, and focus on them
  • We help you navigate your context and understand your own business intelligence and capability
  • We analyse your business model and deliver adjacencies
  • We measure the non-tangible benefits of your value chain

How can I be globally competitive?

  • We deliver a proven innovation process with you, from ideation, through growth and scaling your business opportunities
  • We deliver strategic level partnerships
  • We ensure preferred attachment for mutual benefit
  • We expand your value propositions and the ‘surface area’ that you operate in

How do I tap into supply chains and get involved in bigger projects?

  • We map your networks and systems
  • We identify the key connections in your market to discover new value for mutual benefit
  • We help you build the relationships that matter in gaining greater influence across your networks and systems
  • We facilitate strategic positioning and perspectives, observe patterns, manoeuvre action, understand asymmetric planning and execution


Why work with us?

Strategic Advisors with over 30 years experience

We are a group of highly experienced people who have the history, case studies, tools, and processes that can be applied to any organisational situation to help address the big questions that business, industry, government, and community groups are all facing. If employed as your strategic advisor, we weave networks of like-minded connections to create new combinations of partnerships, services, and product development activities that add value to the CEO or business owner. The entirety of the work undertaken is future-oriented and based in emergent activity. This is done through building learning and knowledge networks, as well as having a demonstrated commitment to evolving, both internally and with the collective organisation that engages us. All our insights, acquired from experience, investigation, and analysis are shared with you.

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