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In today’s unpredictable times, We Push Buttons offers a comprehensive approach to business strategy formation that addresses the challenges faced by organisations. Instead of relying solely on traditional deterministic models, we utilise deep research and consultation to navigate the different schools of strategy in a descriptive manner.

Our goal is to take your ideas and transform them into a tangible plan. Each school of strategy setting has valuable components that can be customised and applied to help your organisation navigate the current uncertain and volatile markets more effectively.

As Henry Mintzberg and his colleagues said:

Strategy formation is a complex process involving the most sophisticated, subtle, and at times subconscious of human cognitive and social processes. These draw on all kinds of informational inputs, many of them non-quantifiable and accessible only to strategists with their feet on the ground.  Such processes follow no predetermined schedules, nor fall into any pre-set tracks.

Our Approach

We have a proven, holistic process that incorporates the appropriate schools of strategy to tailor our approach to the needs of you and your business.

Our Business Strategy Consultant work includes:

  • Clearly articulating the current business model and key drivers.
  • Considering and planning any relevant governance elements.
  • Establishing the time frames for the strategy and strategy review periods, considering ten key factors.
  • Defining market geography, scope, and segmentation.
  • Analysing motivations, and capabilities, including a comprehension gap and feasibility function.
  • Analysing and articulating underling trends and factors affecting the business, from both the internal and external environments.
  • Establishing a Strategic Issues Agenda that provides the basis for the development of the strategic nature of the business.

Collaborative activities, like strategy formation, necessitate well-structured documentation. This documentation should outline a clear sequence of steps for both internal and external stakeholders to comprehend and implement effectively.



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