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Logo Design

A well designed logo captures your company ethos, aspirations and products into a powerful visual message that creates immediate brand awareness.

Getting your logo out and seen by as many people as possible is the aim of any company.  It is vital to have a design that is appropriate for your company targets your audience.

A recognisable, easy-to-read logo that is transferable across multiple applications will achieve your branding objectives effectively. Perhaps you only need a logo for a business card, letterhead, or website at the moment, but who knows where you will want your logo to appear in the future?

Our Latest Logo Designs


File Formats our Logo Designs include

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files and/or AI Files

The AI or EPS files are our original work files. This file format is generally the format used by quality designers and printers. The files are editable and scalable to any size with no loss of quality. Any designer can create all other formats and image types from these original files.

JPG & PNG files

JPG image formats are the industry standard for the distribution of high-quality images, while still remaining small enough in file size for bandwidth and download speed concerns.

  • JPG files be either CMYK or RGB.
  • Supplied in multiple resolutions – 300 DPI (print production and/or special FX) to 72 DPI (web site and other electronic reproduction).
  • Resolution – varied 300 dpi (PX) Print, 72 dpi (PX) for electronic.
  • PNG can feature transparent backgrounds and can be placed on coloured backgrounds. This is vital on websites


A black and white greyscale version of your logo is a version that is made up of tones which are in turn made up from varying sizes of black dots. A greyscale version of your logo is suitable for B&W print reproduction, resolution permitting. This version of your logo will be supplied in black and white vector and pixel-based bitmap formats. This is really helpful as you need your logo to be able to print in black and white.



Black & white linear-vector

A black and white linear version of your logo is a version that is made up of solid black. There are no half-tones (screens) or greys. This is the best type of logo for use on low resolution reproduction. This version of your logo will be supplied in vector and bitmap formats.

PDF (Adobe Portable Document Files) Formats

Cross platform files do not require any elaborate software to open other than the free PDF reader available from Adobe (chances are you already have the reader installed in your web browser). These print-ready files are also web friendly and can be stored, and made available for download from your website. These files are also small enough to be e-mailed. PDF files contain all the fonts and artwork that your printer will need. May be editable depending on font licensing.

Flavicon file (.ico)

Is that a new kind of chip flavour? No, It’s the image that sits left of the URL address bar. We think it’s worthwhile as it just makes your website look that much more professional and helps with branding your RSS Feed too.


For colour matching accuracy, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). For print colour reference, Pantone Colour Guides are available at quality local printers or you are welcome to come to our office and borrow ours. We will specify your chosen colours in both PMS, Hex, RGB and CMYK so you will be able to recreate the colour of your logo with 100% accurately no matter how far in the future you need it.

Here's one of our Branding Packages for Mount Alexander Shire Council

About Our Branding Packages

Our branding packages usually include a new logo in all relevant formats needed for printing and the web. The logo is delivered with a style manual in A4 format which describes the colours, fonts and design rules connected with the logo. We also include a business card, a letterhead for professional printing and a letterhead in Word format for internal printing.
If required, we can design extra items like an email signature, an animated logo, your presence on social media (incl. images and ads), banners, posters, stamps etc. 

Eight extras to help take your logo from concept to reality

  1. Print Ready: our logo designs are delivered print-ready for offset printing (Spot or CMYK colours).
  2. Fast Turnaround Time: if requested, we can deliver concept logo designs to you very quickly.
  3. We Liaise with your Printer: we liaise with several printers to ensure the printed quality is to a high standard. You are more than welcome to choose your own printer, or we can suggest several quality printers depending on the job and your location.
  4. Copyright Transfer: legal ownership rights to all stationery artwork and the logo will be handed over to you once full payment has been received.
  5. Logo Files are Fully Editable: (these files will require special software, such as Adobe Illustrator).
  6. We Do Revisions: we understand how important it is to get your brand image right, so we are as flexible as possible with logo design revisions.
  7. Colour Guarantee: we will specify your chosen colours in both PMS, Hex, CMYK and RGB so you will be able to recreate the colour of your logo 100% accurately no matter how far into the future you need it.
  8. Our Logos Will Look Good in Black & White: the best logos can also be printed in black and white. You may want to print your invoices in black and white, or you may want to advertise in the daily newspaper. There are hundreds of reasons why your logo should look great in black and white.
  9. You will own the Style Manual: if you need to change your website in the future, you will have all the information on colours, fonts, logo and the brand description.

Business card designs


Here's some more branding work we've done...

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