Link building is the online equivalent of receiving an offline referral from a client, friend or industry specialist. The higher the quality of websites which refer (and link to your website) the more likely your potential customers are to find your business amongst your competition. The more trusted the website which links to your organisation the better, and therefore you are more likely search engines will rank your business over and above your competitors.

We’re sure you’ve received spam emails stating that you can buy 1,000 links for $100. These organisations will certainly give you 1,000 links but all on other spammy websites which provide no purpose to the end-user (your potential clients) and once Google notices that you are trying to trick their system you get punished and will see a huge negative effect on your rankings. That’s why whoever you use to build links they need to be reputable, reliable and  honest about the possibilities.

That’s why ethical, long term link building takes time, money, software and smarts.

When working with experienced professionals, SEO & link building is hugely beneficial to growing your brand visibility over the long term, ensuring your company expands online organically.


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