How Keyword research benefits your business

Never under estimate the power of keywords. Planning is the key to any successful web design and keyword research is just one aspect that is vital before any project begins.

There are millions of websites competing for attention, making it ever more difficult to get discovered.

Placing commonly used keywords throughout your site content will doom you to obscurity in the algorithms of a search engine like Google.

For example: if you are a shoe merchant and you opt for the common word “shoes”, you won’t rank any where near the top of a Google search page. You would be better off concentrating on long-tail keywords, location based keywords or specialist niche keywords. These might include: “Cross-Fit shoes”, “shoes online Australia”, “Comfortable Shoes”, “shoes for women”, “Shoes Melbourne” or “cheap shoes online”.

That’s why we always start your digital marketing campaign with an in depth keyword research document. In order to understand your niche industry we brainstorm ideas about your product, service or information and advise you on the best pages to add to your website. Interesting topics and popular products with low level competitor marketing will win traffic to your site and expand your brand reach.

What keywords and how they can benefit your business?

Ever wondered why you’ve typed in “Victoria” a state in Australia and you encountered an image of a Victoria Secrets Model, a photo of Victoria Beckham, or even a Victoria in Canada?

Google isn’t as smart as a human yet and subsequently needs help understanding what a specific website is actually about. As an individual you weren’t even thinking about the three other popular Victoria’s but they are all featured predominately in the search engines. That’s why keyword research needs to be conducted thoroughly before launching your website.

That’s perfect proof of how important keywords are and how difficult a job it is for search engines to understand the various nuances and complexity of the English Language.

Is a Keyword just one word?

I find this area really is where people stumble on. Regardless of whether the search is for an individual word or a phrase they are still classified as keywords. A keyword can be a single word like a brandPackline Solutions or a longer string such as “Packline Industrial Packaging”. Keywords can even be quite extensive such as “What is the best heat sealing machine?”

Most of the time however people actually search using disjointed phrases like “heating healing machine”. There are so many different permutations, phrases and misspellings it is quite a science to get right.

The idea of Keyword research is to discover what words people actually use when searching for an item. Often it is not what you think, often it is misspelled and almost always not real sentences.

Keyword Research indepth

The in depth keyword document we supply to you will unlock the keys to your success online.  Broad Match, Exact Match & Phrase- but what exactly do they mean?

Broad Match

Broad match lists all your search words in any order and includes words other people have used to conduct your search. As an example if you used the terms ‘Melbourne’, ‘Digital’ and ‘Marketing’ as your keywords for research the total as of May 2019 will total 4,456,677,888. This means that often broad match keywords are too, well broad.

Phrase Match

Phrase match contains all the words in the order you’ve requested but can include other words before and after as well.

An example might be: “great Melbourne digital marketing agencies” or “Melbourne digital marketing agency ” when your keyword phase your researching is “Melbourne digital marketing”.

Exact Match:

Contains only the selected words in that exact order. Search totals will be a lot smaller as obviously far less people search for “Great Melbourne digital marketing agencies” than they do “Melbourne digital marketing”. If you have found an exact match phrase that has low competition then you stand a good chance of being discovered if you aim for that phrase. That’s why really drilling down into the exact match keyword research can lead to the best results.


  1. Broad Match will often give you huge visitor numbers but for most businesses is fairly meaningless. For the most part in my research I always search using exact match initially and then move onto Phrase Match once I have discovered some keywords where my clients can compete.
  2. When you’re using the Google Keyword research tool make sure you login using your Google Gmail account as the results vary wildly between logging in and not logging in.
  3. If you’re a small business owner on a limited budget it might be best to ensure you select your country of research so you can concentrate on data that will send you targeted traffic.


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