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eCommerce websites we've built

  • Sites with 10,000+ items for sale
  • Wholesale distributors
  • B2B sales channels
  • Corporate ticketing system
  • Online stores for Artists
  • Online book store
  • Digital Subscriptions
  • Membership websites

Getting online with a fully fledged eCommerce website can be a minefield of technical problems, cost blowouts and usability issues. What’s the point of spending thousands on an eCommerce store to find you’re selling so little online that you have no chance of making a return on your investment?

At We Push Buttons, we can advise you on the best option for your online store, design and develop it; and provide marketing services for you to run a successful operation. Setting up an eCommerce website is complex. We can advise you on whether it is better for you to set up an Etsy or eBay store before taking the plunge into a full eCommerce solution.

If a full eCommerce web design is the best solution for you, we will design a website that you can build on as your business grows.

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Our eCommerce websites include

  • Beautiful custom designs
  • Concept & Design
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Product writing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Digital Marketing for eCommerce
  • Industry & competitor research

  1. Our eCommerce web developers apply rigorous research on your industry niche. We isolate who your main competitors are and define why they are successful. This is so we can adopt best techniques to ensure your business is a success.​
  2. Once you are satisfied with the concept we move onto the nuts and bolts design and development of your website. This is the heavy lifting of web design: coding, content writing, graphic design, brand development, shopping cart set-up and payment processes.​
  3. Ever tried populating an eCommerce store with 1,000 items, all with unique shipping details, prices, freight information, descriptions, reviews and photographs? It’s as mind numbing as it sounds. However as we love using spread sheet programs, we have solutions that save us hundreds of hours in labour and save you thousands of dollars in data entry. It also saves our staff morale!​
  4. Before launching onto the web we test and re-test your eCommerce site. Does the website work as it should on all devices: computer, mobile phones and tablets? Can visitors find what they are after? Does the shopping cart work overseas as easily as it does in Australia? Are there issues with shipping rates, tax calculation, automatic invoicing?​
  5. A month after launch we fine tune your website to maximise the ease of use for your customers, improve user engagement, fix any inventory issues, and ensure that Google is indexing your eCommerce website as intended.​
  6. Once the website has been established for a few months we can begin to pull together relevant data to assist in growing your online store. This data will tell us how long people stay on your site, give information as to why some products more popular than others, and whether its operating at maximum efficiency.​


eCommerce Digital Marketing

  • SEO for eCommerce Products
  • Digital Publicity
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition
  • eCommerce Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing

The days of setting up an eCommerce store and seeing the sales role in are well and truly over. Launching your eCommerce store is only the first step in building a sustainable online business. Through a mixture of search engine optimisation, social media, content marketing and a sprinkle of We Push Buttons magic, we can begin to establish your brand’s presence online.

After launching we run a full eCommerce Digital marketing campaign to make your website as visible as possible to internet browsers. Once your site starts generating traffic we can analyse traffic flow for information such as time of day your site is visited, most popular search terms and which pages are attracting traffic.​

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Perfect for serious eCommerce businesses or bricks and mortar stores wanting an online presence.

BigCommerce is a rival to Shopify and if you are looking for a hosted option it is worth comparing both platforms.





A great solution for digital downloads, software as a service model and paid membership programs. It also handles smaller scale eCommerce websites selling things such as artwork, e-books & clothing.

WooCommerce is perfect for:

  • Micro businesses
  • Ticketing sales
  • Digital downloads
  • SaaS organisations
  • Authors
  • Webinars and training


Big Cartel

Big Cartel is our go to for artists and makers. It is a fantastic platform for selling your artwork, t-shirts, crafts, hand made furniture etc. It isn’t designed as a complex store and you can’t sell thousands of products but if you have a range under 100 items and you’re on a budget it can be a perfect option.

BigCartel is perfect for:

Creative makers, ceramicists and artists


Easy Digital Downloads

This is our go to eCommerce website whenever we have a client who sells digital downloads. It’s a perfect example of concentrating on one niche and excelling. The Easy Digital Downloads platform works exceptionally if you are selling tickets to an event, a self published author, musician, an artist with a diverse catalogue, or even a membership portal.

Easy Digital Downloads is perfect for:

  • Membership websites
  • Digital downloads
  • Ticketing systems
  • SaaS companies
  • Start-ups


Some of our eCommerce articles

Research. Plan. Budget. Build. Grow.

Our eCommerce website designers have written a number of articles on the eCommerce process and researched various options based on different client needs. Check out the following articles for more information on setting up an eCommerce Store:

  • Freight Costs and Options: freight is often overlooked until the final stage of implementing an eCommerce store, yet it can be a minefield setting freight costs retrospectively depending upon the shopping cart program you are using. Read more here…
  • Payment Processing Options: just like a bricks and mortar retail store you will need a credit card processing system to accept credit card payments online. PayPal was the only market choice – now there’s hundreds of players, some exceptional, most horrendous. Read our overview of what questions to ask potential credit card processing companies…
  • Do you actually need an eCommerce Store? For many small businesses having an eBay store is more than enough. If you are an ambitious company that wants to earn a living from your online store then you need your own web presence. We suggest you fill out our handy questionnaire to see if you’re ready to take the plunge.

See some of our eCommerce website designs

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