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EDM Marketing

An email campaign as part of EDM (electronic direct mail) marketing is a mighty tool for grabbing repeat business.

Almost everyone uses the Internet but not everyone uses social media for their news or shopping. Handily for you, most people with an online profile do have an email, so you can talk to those customers that live and work outside the social media net.

EDM marketing is also very easy on the hip pocket, so even with a small budget you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around longer than any other digital strategy. Sending emails to customers is a proven yet simple way to build your brand amongst desktop browsers and smartphone users.

And since customers on your email database subscribe to get your emails, they are clearly interested in you. Your messages won’t get binned.

Encourage your email subscribers to follow you on social media – and provide some incentives to visit your website in exchange for information, discounts, loyalty rewards and other goodies.

Turn clicks into action.

With the latest email marketing software, we can help you fatten up your database of clients, design and set up campaigns and track analytics (follow statistics) like click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.  We’ll also make sure your emails are responsive (they look good) on all devices.

Having writer’s block on what to say in your email campaign? Don’t worry, we’ve got expert e-writers galore who specialise in de-blocking clients and who write sparkling shiny e-copy.

Email marketing campaigns can chew up time. That’s where we come in – with experience and expertise using Mailchimp for large and small campaigns, we’ll fly your message out quickly and often.

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