So what is a branding strategy?

A branding strategy is your described purpose. It’s a plan that builds your identity, incorporates your long-term goals and conveys the integrity of your business carried by your brand. Of course, your purpose is to attract customers and drive profit but its also what you can for them too to make their lives better. Your logo, website, products or corporate colours are not your branding. Its much more than that.

Develop a branding strategy first

Having a great logo, a website and some ideas are not a complete branding package. If you are an established organisation and you are expecting change or growth, or you feel that your business is losing its relevancy, then you would go through a re-branding process. You would develop a branding strategy if you want to reach a new audience or build on your existing customer base.

Its important to state that even a small business needs a branding strategy, and that is more than nice business cards, a logo and a website. Branding creates market awareness of your business, it invokes trust in consumers and motivates employees to execute your vision.

Define who your clients are

Defining who your clients are will determine the goal of your branding and how you define its long term success. With these things clear in mind, building the story around your branding, you will be able to meet your marketing objectives and beyond. Getting your branding right will determine whether you succeed or not.

Control your message.

A business, corporation or community service needs to communicate to customers exactly what they offer and control how their message is received by different audiences. First a brand needs to clearly delineate all its aspirations in a branding strategy before commencing a detailed marketing campaign.

When developing a branding strategy, it is important to reveal to customers what is in it for them when they look at your brand. This is the first thing that will capture them and connect their imagination and attribute emotion to your brand.

Your Competitors

You may have a great product or service to offer clients but what if there are other competitors with the same or even superior products on the market? Unless you have spent time developing your branding you will get lost among the many companies offering the same thing.

Creative angle

The creative angle to branding is building a personality around your brand, providing a human experience. Your brand stands for something, makes promises and evokes emotions that lead customers into action. Customers are, more than ever, interested in the back story of your corporate identity. A good example is the clothing industry where consumers are becoming more aware of the supply chain and wage slavery on imported garments. If as an example, you provide affordable clothing with an ethical supply chain, this would inform your branding strategy. You would capitalise on consumer emotion and loyalty and your brand would stand out among your competitors. You would also capture a niche market which would be very valuable which your brand should take full advantage of.

Your branding strategy creates change for the client and spurs them into action.

Developing your branding strategy will show consumers that you can solve their issues better than your competitors and remain important to them over the long term.

Your target audience

A big part of your branding strategy is building a customer profile, the impact your service and products will have on them and how you will connect to them emotionally.

To build your customer profile you need to understand:

  • Demographics
  • Preferences for shopping and consumption
  • Family situation
  • Education
  • Preferred social media platforms
  • Employment
  • Daily routine
  • Living environment
  • Core values

The important thing to keep in in mind is that branding comes before marketing. Once you have your branding story laid out then comes the attention to your corporate brand i.e. logo, colours, stationary, fonts, business cards etc. to work with your message.

Then you use the technology and media you have at hand to convey your story, your message and your promises to get your brand out there.

Once you have launched your brand you need to be prepared to tweak it, change it up after you have test driven it, to get the best results.

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