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Digital Storytelling

You’ve got this mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind product or service the world has to know about. High-quality video & photography are superb ways to engage with a bigger audience.

The details of why you do what you do, the challenges, the process, the passion, and the commitment that goes into it are what engage people.

Visual storytelling is the most dynamic – and logical – a technique for building human-to-human connections.

Let us tell your story.

We are passionate about bringing stories to life. Our resident video producer Ben Harding has interviewed hundreds of people and knows how to get the best results from even the most camera-shy person.

He knows how to tell a story. Effectively. Inexpensively.

To best communicate your story in a video, we need to we will discuss with you the content and style you want and consolidate this into a concise brief. We’ll organise the location and logistics, the filming, edit to first cut, get your approval, do a second edit and of course delivery of the final product.

And we can help you put the video onto your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook and then promote your video to the masses.

Let us tell your story