Why is a Content Strategy so important?

When you come to us for a web design you also need to think about a content strategy to ensure your business stands out from similar organisations. To achieve your marketing goals we need to look at strategies that drive traffic to your website and are engaging enough to keep your viewers clicking through to your product pages.

Your strategy needs to be detailed and backed up with clear steps, with defined targets to get the results you want from your website. Your content should characterise your business and how you stand out from your competitors. It will in the end associate you with your customers, connect you with your contemporaries and define you with search engines like Google.

Essentially, having a well thought out content strategy brings together content writing, SEO, keyword research, designing of whitepapers and social media. Your strategy will be three things: content planning, content delivery and content analytics.

Content Audit

If you have an already existing site we provide a content auditing service to tweak your key words and fix existing content to add more meaning to your message. Content heavy websites are not engaging for the time poor browser so the less is more approach works best. We are the experts at pairing down complicated overly text heavy content into simpler, fresher websites that pack a punch with your messaging.

To answer these questions, our content audit will:

  • Analyse the current websites content. Discover what can be improved, what can be amended and what needs to be removed
  • Find out what pages users read thoroughly, and what pages are only glanced over
  • Identify those pages where a high proportion of visitors are exiting the site and those that are popular
  • Assess what content has been most successful in terms of website traffic, social media engagements
  • Assess whether the content is consistent with your brands ‘voice’ and recommend changes that need to be made
  • Discover what content could be re-purposed to become more successful
  • Remove any duplicate content
  • Identify the SEO elements that can be improved on a per page basis
  • Assess the website structure and hierarchy of content

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is vitally important as it indicates what terms people are typing into Google to find certain services or answers to their problems. This is doubly important if you are in competitive industries or have a new website.

Ensuring we use these terms as often as possible will allow us to move from guesswork to basing the content around what your core audience is searching for and where there is a gap in the market.

  1. What terms do wholesale clients (and potential clients) search using Google to find products like yours?
  2. What topics are people search for online but aren’t finding the answers to?
  3. What are the most engaging topics in your industry over the last 12 -months?

Content Planning

We Push Buttons will assist you to develop a content plan as the first step. Understanding who your target audience is by knowing who your client/customer/end user is will help you target your marketing in the right direction. What demographic do they come from? What are they looking for when they visit your site? Do they use social media?

Your content marketing strategy is your why, who and how. Why you are creating content, who you are helping, and how you will help your users in a way no one else can.


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