What is a QR Code?


QR Codes, in a nut shell, are bar codes that link to a web page. QR stands for Quick Response, which bypasses the need for a person to type in a web address, hence quicker access to information. It saves people the time it takes to input data manually by sharing information instantly. They are always square. The black shapes on the code contain pertinent information about the object being scanned with your smartphone camera. Once scanned, the information is sent to your phone. It’s a quick an easy way for people to get more information about a product or service, research a product while on the go and even sign up to a mailing list.

QR codes can be either static or dynamic. Dynamic QRs are used in printed marketing because they are editable if mistakes are made. The coded information can be changed and edited from a dashboard without recalling and reprinting or changing the QR code. This ensures no reruns to replace faulty printed media, saving companies and not for profits hundreds and sometimes thousand of dollars.

QR Codes are hugely popular in the US, Europe and Asia. Australia has been slow on the uptake, but it’s slowly creeping into the marketing strategy of large retailers, government and commercial events.

QR Codes can be used in a huge variety of ways. Some of the most common ways they can be used are:

  • Magazines: a magazine article may be too long to publish in print version and only give a synopsis of the topic. To give readers the opportunity to read the full article the magazine may put a QR code at the end of the printed version. This Read More code will go into more detail on their website so people can read articles more in depth than a publisher can justify in a text format
  • Boosting brand awareness: such as digitised coupons and discounts with strong branding messages. Invite potential customers to scan their code so they get 10% off your goods and services. Customers will see a summary of your business with links and call to actions. During the coupon redeeming process, the customer gets sent to your landing page which may generate more leads for your business
  • Art galleries: art galleries often have many art works on exhibit and it wouldn’t be possible to have tags with extensive information accompanying each piece. This is where a QR code comes in. The QR code would have the information about the work, year of production, a bio of the artist and any other relevant facts. All the gallery visitor needs to do is scan the QR Code with their smartphone and they’ve got all the info they need on their screen
  • Guerrilla marketing: is there a lamp post you’d like to glue a gig poster to or tack onto an overcrowded community notice board? To jostle for space all you need is a QR Code with the gig details that punters can scan with their smart phone
  • Packaging: companies incorporate QR codes on the back of product packages which links to their website, more information about the product, a competition or a discount for being a repeat customer or instructions on how to use the product. For food products links to nutritional information, free recipes and cooking tips
  • YouTube: You Tubers are now converting their videos into QR codes. The advantage of this is to package lengthy tutorials for example, into a more compact code onto your landing page. The QR code allows You Tubers to upload multiple videos and displays them in a smart phone friendly format. On a QR coded video you can brand your summary page with colours, logo, social media and landing page links
  • Business cards: QR codes are effective on business cards. One scan of a code on your card will direct the customer to a summary page with links to your website, social media, You Tube channel, your portfolio, business brochures and a lot more
  • Advertising campaigns: dynamic QR codes are reviving printed marketing material. Brochures, coupons and other printed media with a Dynamic QR code capture consumer information such as whether print media influenced purchase behaviour, and tracks the links clicked and leads on landing pages. Tracking is dynamic in real time, collecting information on time, location and device your QR code was scanned
  • Cafe windows: to see the latest menu, make a booking or order take away, cafes are displaying their unique QR code on their windows
  • Vehicles: display advertising with QRs on the sides of trucks enticing a scan now to shop, on fast food delivery vehicles to place an order and on bike hire to unlock to ride
  • Websites: long form articles can be shortened with a synopsis followed by a QR code that allows the reader to scan it onto their smart phone for later reading. QRs are used as authentication processed to make transitions between smart phone apps and desktops seamless. Links to your app on your website can be instantly scanned with a QR saving your customer having to search for it in app stores. Having your contact details in a QR on your website can be the quickest way for a client to save them
  • Event ticketing: QR codes help to electronically validate a ticket. But much more than that, your ticket can include a Facebook QR code to keep patrons abreast of news and circumstances surround the event. You can even use the codes to link festival goers to shareable social media posting and link to time tabling and venue information.

QR codes are incredibly effective marketing tools. The younger generations have embraced this technology and are a ready market for savvy marketers. They can be customised with your style, logo and brand. Linked to a well branded and snappy summary page with good call to action buttons and focused landing pages, they can be so much more effective and accessible than your business website.


QR code generators

There are many free static code generators on the web. You may have to pay a subscription fee to have a Dynamic QR Code.


We Push Buttons and your print media campaign

If your organisation is setting up a print media campaign with QR codes we can help. We can design you a brochure, poster, flyer, ticketing package that includes commercial printing. We will supply you with digital files of your print media so you upload it as a PDF on your website or attach it in an email. We will make sure your QR code is dynamic and includes links to your landing pages, You Tube videos and social media. Learn more about our graphic design for flyers, brochures and posters here.

If you need publications in flip book format for your website or an eBook which can be read on a Kindle, iPad or tablet we can set it up with a QR code.


Web design and QR codes

Do you need a well designed summary page with great call to action buttons for your QR coded products, services and events? We can help. It’s your chance to get this right and capture your market and create brand loyalty. Make your events run smoothly with event information, timetabling and social media participation. We are a full service web development agency and provide top class web design and digital marketing for your next campaign. Expand your reach and attract new business leads with combined digital and print media including QR codes. Learn more about what we can offer you here.


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