Three good reasons a professional photographer will add value to your website:

A professional photographer will help you stand out in the digital space and make a statement about your company vision and values. Strong, original images that add to your business story are the best option for your website.

Professional photographers take the time to capture images that resonate with your audience. While the expense and time may seem unnecessary compared to choosing stock images online, we have three good reasons why a professional photographer is worth the investment.


1. People appreciate being real

How many times have you visited a website and seen the same group of people walking together in business suits with their clipboards clutched in perfectly manicured hands, or noticed the same woman smiling beneath her headset? Exactly! Stock photos have become ubiquitous and rarely add anything of value to a website.

Basically speaking, stock photos are common, empty images that don’t enhance your website, and your audience might assume your company can’t be bothered with sourcing original content.

Engaging a professional photographer means you can use your team and resources to demonstrate the creative strengths of your company and showcase the products and services you provide. A talented photographer will uncover the ‘wonderful’ in your everyday products, and display them in a way that creates interest and admiration.


2. Why look good when you can look great?

If stock photos aren’t your thing, it can be tempting to do it yourself or hire a keen amateur. Before you let your favourite employee loose with a camera – you know the one; that guy who is always doing the Instagram photo a day challenge – stop and remember that every website tells a story. Photos that are badly constructed, poorly lit and over- or underexposed can be just as damaging to your overall business image as badly chosen stock photos.

A professional photographer will have equipment, editing software, experience and most importantly, a portfolio. The importance of viewing the photographer’s portfolio cannot be underestimated. It is essential because you will be able to gauge how well their approach will fit with your vision. A portfolio will also reveal the expertise and scope of their work.


3. Get the message right

Working with a photographer means you retain creative control of the message your website sends. This means you can set the mood and promote your brand through unique images that complement your content. Keep in mind that the photos you commission will make the first impression on your customers.

Taking the time to find the right photographer who can work to the brief and create an image that reflects your business personality and goals will be worth every marketing dollar you spend, and will also produce a website that attracts the right attention.


Here are some beautiful photos we have used recently

Small Business Ideas - 22 May 2017 - by Debon Dwyer

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