Youth Services Directory

Central Goldfields & Maryborough Health Directory

Youth Services Directory for the Central Goldfields


Working alongside Central Goldfields Shire and the Go Goldfields team we were able to create an interactive Youth Services Directory covering all aspects of health, employment, counselling, housing, and law enforcement. The website was split into three types of audiences: youth, families, and service providers.

Youth Services Web Development Highlights

  • Predictive search so users can find resources quickly and easily
  • A ‘Kill Switch’ so the website can be shut down for teenagers’ privacy
  • Website large enough to feature over 100 organisations with a depth of pages and links
  • Visually and content appealing to young people while being easy to understand for parents and service providers
  • Three segmented portals for different audiences- parents/ carers, health professionals, and most importantly; young people
  • Interactive photo gallery of young people’s artwork
  • Custom street/ graffiti graphics for site appeal to young people
  • WordPress website, built on the Genesis framework
  • Admin staff trained to update website in house
  • Print-friendly pages
  • Website maintenance & hosting

Branding Package

We were tasked with creating a youth focused logo and branding package to help launch the brand into the Maryborough community.