Farm Table

Web App Development. Marketing. Content Writing. Branding.

About Farm Table

Farm Table

Farm Table is Australia’s largest online farming hub, designed to connect producers, farmers, and fishers to reliable agricultural resources, information, and opportunities. The Farm Table website contains over 95,000 pages (and counting) with over 2,500 resources purposely selected for the Australian farming sector. This site was a huge undertaking and continues as an ongoing project without limits. Its suite of services saves farmers time, improves information flows across the industry, and contributes to a connected, collaborative, and innovative Australian agriculture sector.

What we did

  • Web App Development
  • Branding Package
  • Content Writing
  • Sales Brochures

Web App Development

Developing such a complex project took many months of planning prior to execution. Some of the features of Farm Table include:

  • Membership platform
  • Resources Hub
  • Ag Tech Hub
  • Events calendar
  • Ag News aggregator
  • Content management platform

Branding Package

A special tone of blue that represents a blue summer sky, something a farmer sees a lot, was chosen as the predominant colour. The logo represents green fields of a farm with green symbolising growth and the blue for the sky.

The branding had to be readable on any device and convey a simple contemporary design, that appealed to all generations including older farmers with a wealth of life experience and farming knowledge.

Content Writing

As the industry is constantly evolving content writing, data entry and content editing are a constant feature of the website. We assisted Farm Table in developing a process driven system that aims to consistently write quality content week-in-week-out.

Sales Brochures

By designing a beautiful, well written sales brochure Farm Table are able to show the complex nature of their business offerings to members.

The Brief

Our brief was to produce an industry-leading database that provided an online hub to disseminate; information, the latest news, research & development, white papers, and an archive of past publications. It also needed to connect farmers with industry memberships. The idea was to utilise the internet & technology to bring farmers out of isolation and to consolidate all farming and industry-related knowledge into one resource.

Farm Table is designed to support farmers and reduce the time they need to spend on researching and problem-solving. The site also provides a breadth of relevant resources such as; tools, templates & calculators, links to farm mapping apps and programs, bookkeeping software, drone technology updates, and much more.

App Development & Website Design

Farm Table Development

The new Farm Table website was built utilising React.js & Python/Django to ensure the website loads like lightening for farmers who generally have poor internet and most of the time access websites on their phones.

See the Farm Table website in action