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Tiny House University

Tiny House building course

Fred and Shannon Schultz run an award-winning business conducting workshops across Australia as well as building tiny house trailers for people who want to downsize, rove freely and have an affordable living option. Fred also teaches DIYers how to build safe and affordable tiny houses on wheels. Fred’s workshops took him all over the country and unfortunately were constantly booked out. Many people were missing out on his knowledge and looking elsewhere for instructions on building their dream tiny home. We put our heads together with Fred and Shannon and worked on the Tiny House University so that Fred did not have to teach in person year-round and have more time to work on the business and spend time with his young family.

What we did

  • Website Design
  • Learning Management Platform
  • eCommerce membership website

Website Design

The design needed to be changed to a look that reflected their ethics, and the sustainable materials and products that are included in their tiny house builds. Our design had to reflect the less is more ethos and that every function you need from a home is contained in their custom tiny houses.

Learning Management Platform

  • Courses can be a one off payment, free or per month access
  • Courses can be created quickly and easily by the client
  • Multiple instructor profiles
  • Complete eCommerce platform
  • Student notification system
  • Simple to use online forum
  • Certificates issued upon completion of course
  • Various levels of complexity when it comes to assignments
  • Advanced analytics

eCommerce membership website

  • Complete end-to-end payment solution via Stripe
  • Custom invoices
  • Transactional email copy
  • Advanced SSL certificate
  • Various payment options
  • Students can pay upfront or by the month

Tiny house council regulations

One of the big hurdles for tiny house builders is working within local council regulations. To help Fred’s Tiny House customers navigate council regulations across the country, we helped Fred build a national database in Airtable. Fred and Shannon’s data base is on their website. We’ve made it interactive so people can research and rate their council on their friendliness towards tiny house living and design, leave comments and download PDFs of each council’s regulations. The database is growing as Fred and Shannon gather more information over time.

Website Maintenance

Training & Support

Our extensive training with Fred and Shannon has allowed them to manage the learning management portal themselves. They are now enabled to create new courses, classes, manage the online community as well as edit any information required without We Push Buttons input. Fred and Shannon participated in our SEO training so they could increase their social media presence on their niche market. We added a live social media feed from Instagram and integrated a custom Airtable order form for trailer sales and another for tiny house regulations in each council shire around Australia.