National Native Title Council

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National Native Title Council

Australia's peak body for the native title sector

The National Native Title Council (NNTC) is the peak body for the native title sector and was formed after the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) was abolished in 2005. The NNTC provides a voice and representation for the views of native title organisations across the country. It also provides submissions to governments on policy and legislation development, disseminates important information among its members, as well as acts as a consultant on issues of native title and land-related matters.

The Brief

Our design brief was to produce a corporate-looking, governmental website that appealed to lawyers, senior public servants, corporate decision-makers, Traditional Owners and their representative bodies. We wanted to represent the ancient lands and Indigenous culture by using the red earth and pale ochre colours of outback Australia. The tones of grey represent authority, power, and the politics of liaising with corporate, legal, and governmental stakeholders that engage with the NNTC.

It was important that the design and visual language of the site was built with a clear focus on inclusivity where English may be a second or third language, through to addressing the requirements directed at the corporate & governmental sectors.

Illustrations & Graphics

While the brief included the need for a business-like site and layout, we purposely included beautiful imagery that included ancient landmarks and symbology. This was to bring the focus back to the Traditional Owners themselves, to represent the aliveness of aboriginal culture, their relationship to country, as well as to authentically represent in a visual way, our First Nations people when interfacing with government bodies and corporate entities. We were proud to commission the triangular graphic 'Strong Ties' by Gabriella Baxter from the Walmajarri Nation which we have used on the home page of the website. The photographs throughout the website are pictures taken by NNTC members either living or working out in the field.

Content Management System

The site has an advanced content management system so the client can maintain the site in-house. The client can also add policy documents or other significant content that will automatically sit on the relevant page. The latest media release can be uploaded as a post and automatically appear on the home page in the latest news feed, and each post becomes a downloadable PDF file. There is also a membership portal where new members can join and the NNTC to grow its membership.

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