Health Care Marketing & SEO

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Health Care Marketing

Health Care Marketing campaigns are all about driving traffic to a website and then converting the visit into action. We specialise in designing and implementing holistic, end-to-end marketing solutions that increase the number of visitors to your website and the quality of the content to; inform your community, grow your audience, and most importantly, serve your clients.

Marketing Examples

  • Early Years Services Directory
  • Community Health Organisations
  • Private Psychologists
  • Allied Health Marketing
  • Community Health Portals
  • Healthy Heart campaign

Early Years Services Directory

  • App Development
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Posters & Brochures
  • Community-led workshops
  • Analytics reporting

Community Health Organisations

  • Digital Marketing
  • Training staff on how to do their own SEO/ digital marking
  • Publicity campaigns to raise funds for community health organisations
  • Total rebrand
  • On page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Local Search

Private Psychologists

  • Search Engine Optimsiation
  • Digital Marketing campaign
  • Google Local Search
  • Web Development
  • Health Care Directory
  • Industry Research

Allied Health Marketing

  • Web development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Technical Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Industry Research & Competitor Analysis

Community Health Portals

  • Publicity & community liason
  • Workshops & training for health care professionals
  • Local Search & SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Web Development
  • Brochures, fridge magnets and stickers

Healthy Heart campaign

  • Video production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography
  • Training documentation
  • Instructional charts and graphics on how to use exercise equipment
  • Local community publicity

Google Local Business Marketing

Local SEO

We also work with many healthcare professionals on their local SEO so users within their region can find the right services to book quickly and easily. These include Dentists, Community Health organisations, GP clinics, psychologists, and counselling services across Victoria.

Social Media, Email Marketing. Brochures

Information campaigns to inform the community

We are often asked to assist in developing community-wide information campaigns for key health services that members of the community may be otherwise unaware of. This usually requires a mixture of social media marketing, local search, SEO, local publicity, and most significantly old fashioned, on-the-ground talking to real humans about real issues, separate from 'tech'.

Wanting to expand your Health Care practice?

Digital Marketing. Content Writing. Web Development. Community Development.