Craigieburn Secondary College

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Education Website Design

Craigieburn Secondary College

As education website specialists, we understand the importance of having a website that is not only beautiful and engaging, but also functional, easy to use, and customised specifically to your school community. Websites are an essential tool for students and their families or carers to keep up to date with the latest school news and information. Our easy-to-use content management system (CMS) ensures schools can manage the websites themselves, without the need for expensive web design services.

What we did

  • Website Design
  • Accessibility & Language
  • Drone & Photography
  • Training & Support
  • Content Management

Website Design

By utilising the colours of Craigieburn’s existing brand and signage we developed a website that is intuitive and easy to use for the entire school community.

  • Easy to use menu
  • Icons used to supplement text
  • Lots of large bold colours
  • School Resource Hub
  • Calendar system for school events

Accessibility & Language

By developing the website to be accessible from the outset we were able to establish equal access for all.

This is especially important for a multicultural school to ensure all community members can use the site no matter whether English is a first, second or even a fifth language.

  • A language translation system was embedded on the site.
  • Icons used in navigation to minimise the need for extensive text.


Drone & Photography

We engaged specialist Drone videographer Liam Lynch to film the school using a 4K drone (check out CSC home page).

During our half-day photo shoot dozens of beautiful photographs were taken of the school, including the sports facilities, the grounds, as well as student activities like students cooking in the school kitchen, and playing music in the CSC hall.

Training & Support

As school activities and goings-on are dynamic and ever changing, it was essential that school admin staff were able to manage the website themselves.

Engaging with the fantastic team at CSC, we ran several training sessions both face-to-face, as well as via Zoom, to teach them how to manage the website in-house.

  • On call support
  • Website maintenance
  • Security & Firewall systems
  • Cloud based web hosting

Content Management

We developed the content of the website to particularly highlight key documents for the school community including:

  • Newsletters
  • Event calendars
  • Connection to XUNO
  • Student Support documents
  • Parent/Carer Support documents
  • Digital Assets and media library


Our Brief

In the development phase of any website, specifically here an education website, it is important to examine the idiosyncratic needs of the audience. On this project, the client, Craigieburn Secondary College, is located in a diverse multicultural stronghold in the North of Melbourne, and many of the students speak English as a second language at home. It was clear we needed to develop a website that addressed some of the barriers for students, families & carers, by being easy to use, intuitive, and where possible replacing text with visual cues for easy navigation.

A school website is an essential part of communication between a school and its community, in particular, the capacity to disseminate and collect vital information in a dynamic, high-traffic environment. Parents often access the school website to seek information such as timetables, and school events, register a student’s absence, download school forms, inquire about enrolments, and a multitude of other purposes.

We Push Buttons has a breadth of experience catering to the requirements of the Education Sector.