Logo and Branding

Firstly, we had a design brief to develop the logo and branding that appealed to both the young and older generation of farmers. It had to be inclusive and easy to navigate for both the tech savvy and non-tech savvy end user. We needed to have a logo that said a lot with a reduced design. The challenge was to keep it attractive and fresh while appealing to all generations of farmers and the many varied aspects of the Australian agricultural industry.

The logo represents an aerial view of farmland with a corner of that quintessential Aussie blue sky, welcoming all agricultural industries from cropping to livestock and beyond. The green and blue in the logo represents growth and have been used throughout the web site to communicate effectively the three main categories of Build, Boost and Accelerate.

The simple depiction of land and sky is designed to function across all applications and devices. Whether a farmer is in the office on a computer or out in a tractor with a smartphone, the Farm Table brand is be recognisable.

Including branding and icon design, the site had to depict actual farmers and their industry peers, connecting Farm Table to the its audience.

The Site

Throughout the site the colours of the logo have been used to tie in the Farm Table branding and to hierarchically code the sub categories in bright and easy to identify buttons. Each of the three categories are essentially a website in themselves and are clearly marked with recognisable icons that repeat throughout the site, making browsing seamless and topics obvious.

Once a user delves into the site on a research mission, dedicated sidebar widgets appear with related business, targeted and relevant advertising, and industry questions and answers. Tags and related resources are also available so that a farmer can filter their search without getting bogged down with too much information.


Each member can have a personalised dashboard giving them the option to save their favourite articles, search history, bookmark sites, save documents and grants, register for events and view products related to their niche industry.

Every membership on the Farm Table connects to the Farmer Exchange which is an online peer to peer communication platform. See our article on Farmer Exchange here.


Managing content in a meaningful manner has been a key challenge. There are around 100 databases managing an extraordinary amount of content. The databases were set up in php software which also drives the content to the Farmer Exchange app we have developed.

In partnership with the Farm Table, We Push Buttons continues to work on consolidating and improving the user experience to ensure frequency and length of engagement by gathering feedback from end users and amending designs. The site is highly functional in accommodating continuous content generation.

Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy and content plan for the first stage of Farm Table by focussing on farmer profiles and building a content strategy to engage these personas was key.

The Farm Table had to appeal to the business sector to help the site attract revenue. Businesses pay to have the opportunity to advertise in banners and /or side bar widgets in targeted articles to attract customers and for Farm Table to generated income.

We Push Buttons have engaged in a social media strategy for event promotion via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and an email newsletter campaign. Supporting the founder Airlie to present at key agricultural events across Australia as she gets the Farm Table message out to her target audience is all part of the package.

We are involved in improving the site’s reach by improving the SEO strategy by directing traffic from the old site and understanding the analytics from the new site.

In the long term

We Push Buttons are in it for the long term with Airlie and the Farm Table. We contributing time and resources to Farm Table to add to its ever expanding knowledge and membership base and delivering technical solutions for seamless growth.