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Blank Screen? It’s the White Screen of Death!

Blank Screen? It’s the White Screen of Death!

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Troubleshooting that blank page in WordPress

The most common causes of blank pages in WordPress is a corrupted plugin that is currently active. You will need to access your account via an FTP client to check whether this is the reason. Once you open your account via FTP, navigate to the following folder:

path_to_your_application/wp-content/ and find the plugins/ subfolder. Rename the folder to disable your plugins. For example you can rename it from plugins/ to plugins.one/.

Go back to WordPress and test your site. If all pages are working correctly, one or more of your plugins are the problem. If this is the case, go back and rename the plugins folder from plugins.one/ to plugins/ and open the folder. You will then have to move your plugins one at a time out of the plugins/ folder and re-test your site each time. When the issue resolves, you have found your problem plugin.

When you find the plugin causing your issues, check whether it is compatible with your version of WordPress. If you still require the plugin, contact the developer to report the issue and seek assistance.

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