Fred’s Tiny Houses are making it easier for tiny house dwellers to navigate council regulations in their shire with a national database in Airtable. Fred’s data base is interactive so people can rate their council on their friendliness towards tiny house living and design, leave comments and download PDFs of each council’s regulations. The database is of course a work in progress as councils start to address the needs of the tiny house movement coming to their shire.

You can find the Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations in Australia database here.

We Push Buttons have clients who use Airtable as a cloud based collaborative spread sheet with many more features such as fields being able to hold long form text, images, links, attachments, check-boxes, drop-down lists and numeric data. You can opt to have different views to the grid, with Calendar, Gallery and Kanbar.

 It’s the best form of database we have come across, being able to cope with complex amounts of data and multiple staff can interact with the database at once, saving changes in real time. Plus, it can be placed on a website and users can be invited to contribute, Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations data base being a good example.

We use Airtable as it dramatically reduces time with repetitive tasks that are abundant in web development. We can track the progress of a project and link our clients in the cloud to allow for collaboration and better record of communication.

Eve Lamb from the Castlemaine Mail wrote this article which published March 15, 2019. You can read it here.

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