Why we recommend Disqus as our preferred commenting system:

If you are running a blog or website and want your commenting system to be real time, fast, effortless and user-friendly, Disqus is the only plugin worth contemplating. Disqus is free and readily available on platforms like WordPress, and it’s a quick and painless process to replace your current commenting system on most blogging platforms. Once you’re signed up, you can start commenting immediately and site users can create their own Disqus profile and take it with them to other sites. This makes it easier for people to leave comment on your site, because they can use their Disqus profile on all sites that have the plugin integrated.

3 reasons to make that comment with Disqus:

  1. Less Spam – If you are serious about reducing spam, Disqus is one of the few commenting systems with powerful detection technology that is designed to keep the robots (and repeat anonymous offenders) out! Some best practice strategies include:
    1. Changing pre-moderations to ‘non-verified’ to avoid comments with fake emails going live straight away
    2. Including a requirement for links in comments to be reviewed
    3. Receiving notification if a comment is flagged by readers. You can set a flag amount and when it is reached, an automatic removal of the comment will be generated
    4. Blacklisting trolls who use repeat anonymous logins
    5. Sending comments for review that contain restricted words
  2. Social Integration – the three major social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are currently supported by Disqus, so anyone who doesn’t wish to become a Disqus user can still leave a comment using social media. Conversations can be easily promoted or shared, and people invited to the discussion by simply adding social media buttons under comments
  3. Personal Control – you can manage the look of your comments, change avatars, and even export and import entire threads. Not only that, email notifications give you greater real-time commenting control, and you can approve, delete and reply to comments from your email inbox

Last, but certainly not least, Disqus opens up a huge online community through ‘Discovery’. This feature not only brings popular discussions that are internal to your blog into focus, it also points commentators to related links on your blog. The external arm of ‘Discovery’ has a monetisation program available that is based on CPC (Cost per Click), but due to the volatility of this type of revenue, the external feature is of more value due to increased visitor engagement and traffic generation to and from your blog.

Digital Marketing - 27 Aug 2015 - by Rob Jennings

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