Search Engine Optimisation

Website  Audit/ Analysis

  • We will assess the success of your website in terms of visibility on search engines, determining how visitors interact with the sight and the duration of their visit.
  • Suggest coding changes that will help search engines better understand your website. This may be fixing incorrect code, adding correct title tags, completing metadata and other technical mumbo jumbo.
  • Review issues with download speed. In the era of smart phones it is vital to have a fast loading site.
  • Are customers finding what they want when they visit your website or are they leaving disappointed? Using the latest technologies we can track visitors as they use your website, collate this information, identify issues and suggest structural changes based on monthly observations.
  • Implement small structural changes that will convert traffic into sales. Does your website need a proverbial lick of paint or a full redesign?
  • Review the visual aspects of your website: introducing new images and colours. New graphic elements can change the way visitors interact with your website.

Competitor Market Analysis:

  • By conducting a full performance analysis of your competitors and adopt the best strategies to boost your business success.
  • We will write you a Search Engine Optimisation strategy in plain English in a monthly timetable, giving you a 12-month ‘to-do’ list for your online marketing.
  • Research your target audience, potential and emerging markets and both online and offline competitors.
  • Run your current website pages through an algorithm to find the best key words to spice up your current content.
  • Improve the user experience of your site so people can navigate it quickly and easily.
  • Suggest small structural changes that will help with your SEO i.e. Html and Title Tag changes.
  • Review issues with download speed. In the era of smart phones it is vital to have a fast loading site.

Keyword Research:

Ever wondered why when you have Googled the word “Victoria” looking for the state in Australia, and you encounter an image of a Victoria Secrets Model, a photo of Victoria Beckham, or even Victoria in Canada?

Google isn’t intuitive and needs direction to understand what a search term means for the user. The three other Victorias hadn’t crossed your mind, yet they are all featured predominately in the search engine list. That’s a perfect example of how important keywords are and what a difficult job it is for search engines to pick up the various nuances and complexities of the English language.

Adopting the phrases people type into a search engine for products and services will direct traffic to your site. Knowing what potential clients search for when they seek out your product is the key to your online success. It’s as simple as knowing whether people search the term accountant Melbourne’ or Melbourne accounting firms’.

That’s why Keyword Research needs to be conducted thoroughly before undertaking an internet marketing program.

Email Marketing Strategy

We offer the following services to help you establish and grow your email list:

  • We work closely with you to increase your email lists by leaps and bounds. Get this right, and you’ll be able to sort your clients by their interests, importance and location.
  • We place your newsletter signup form on the front page of your website. This way, you connect with potential clients and keep them informed about product and service updates.
  • Our graphics department will create great looking email templates that open in your chosen email host.
  • If you are a new small business owner, we can grow your contact list without your active involvement. We’ll help establish your brand, leaving you free to run your business.
  • If you are in a competitive industry such as art, writing or movie production, we can help you develop an effective email marketing strategy. This is one of the most important personal branding strategies you can use to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve used dozens of email marketing programs but we can’t go past Mail Chimp

Our Internet Marketing Packages come in a range of prices and vary according to how competitive your industry is, how quick you would like to expand and what new markets you are looking at persuing

Once we have assessed your online visibility and the competition we can make an informed decision on your marketing direction. If you’re trying to break into the Australian insurance market the style of your package will be significantly more complex than if you are a peddler of Mongolian Yurts to a nomadic life-styler.

We understand that cash flow is sporadic for many organisations, so We Push Buttons doesn’t lock you into any contracts.