What other benefits are there to a YouTube channel for your business?

The benefits of a professionally produced video cannot be over-stated. You may have great content on your page, but users tend to scan, rather than read, at least until they find something that really grabs their interest. With a YouTube business video embedded on your page, you bring much more to the table than just data.

Your business videos need to be presented in a fashion that is easy to watch and is engaging (it is estimated that over 65% of the world are visual learners). Video production also offers you the ability to present information that might otherwise be considered dry or boring, in a much more interesting manner. A well-narrated video will help your content be readily absorbed, rather than quickly forgotten.

Achieving professional quality

Some people may have the necessary tools and skills to put together a video that will capture and hold the viewer’s interest and convey the information desired. But let’s face it… most don’t. It takes time and practice to become proficient at producing a decent video, and time is something many website owners are short of.

Even if you do have some ability in video production, there is still the issue of finding the time to film and edit, coordinate voice-overs or background audio, and finally upload your video. Is that the most cost-effective use of your time? Probably not. A brain surgeon is certainly smart enough to learn how to tune their own car, and also smart enough to employ a mechanic,using their time where it is most effective.

If you want to get the full benefit of having videos embedded on your site to showcase your abilities, then it makes sense to ensure those videos show your abilities in the best possible light. The surest way to do that is to hire a professional.

Don’t want to go on camera?

Just as you don’t need to produce your own videos, you don’t have to be the one in front of the camera either. If you hire We Push Buttons to do the job, all you have to do is give us the necessary information, and we’ll do the rest. Whether your video is a screen cast or involves an actor presenting the video, we take care of it all.

Let us tell your story.

We are passionate about bringing stories to life. Our resident video producer Ben Harding has interviewed hundreds of people and knows how to get the best results from even the most camera-shy person. He knows how to tell a story. Effectively. Inexpensively. You can learn more about our video production service here.



Digital Marketing - 16 Dec 2019 - by Rob Jennings

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