Other web developers often ask why we chose to develop most of our sites in WordPress. Often it is with an elitist edge wondering why we would lower downground our skills to develop on WordPress. The thing is we can develop a site for 1/3 of the price of a Drupal or Magento site and have it up and running faster so your organisation gets online fast.

In saying that WordPress isn’t the most ideal site for large complex eCommerce systems (we use Magento) or government, universities and Apps. However if you’re a small business looking to grow your reach online then you can’t go past WordPress.

Don’t agree? Here’s the latest stats from November 2015

  • WordPress now powers 25% of the worlds websites.
  • The two closest CMS are Joomla and Drupal combined are used by 4.9%.
  • There are over 300+ Content Management Systems
  • Every 74 seconds a site within the top 10 million starts using WordPress
  • However of the top 1,000 websites in the world, WordPress’s market share drops to 30%. Which highlights our first point that WordPress is the preferred CMS for small- medium business where budget is a consideration.

Thanks to Matthias Gelbmann from W3Techs for the WordPress statistics seen here…

Small Business Ideas - 10 Nov 2015 - by Rob Jennings

About Rob Jennings

When he found himself embroiled in a conversation with someone talking about their ‘customer-centric core competencies’ he realised it was time to create a Web Design Agency that was less about self promoting buzz-words and more about people and giving them the tools to understand the web.

The idea behind We Push Buttons was to create an environment where business owners can learn about building their organisation, whether it be with an outstanding website, SEO or any other marketing ideas. Coming from the art industry and online retail background he knows first hand the needs of growing a business in a tough environment.