WordPress Wordcamp 2012


Last week I had the great privilege of attending  a WordCamp meet up at Sydney University. The shear diversity of attendees is testament to the multitude of ways in which WordPress can be used. Amongst the 200 odd attendees there were software engineers, bloggers, web agencies, app developers, web designers, graphic designers and even a radio announcer. The ratio of male to females was refreshing and just about every age group was represented.

Of course with all these kinds of things often the most informative part of the weekend is at the pub after the seminars have finished, and this was no different. Living in such collective isolation lends itself to going somewhat batty, so meeting so many people in the real world and realising that we all have similar issues running a web based business was rather therapeutic.

Do we say the weekend was for professional development or a mental health weekend?

Either way I met some outstanding people, learnt mountains and had a mighty fine time. Thanks to all the organisers, sponsors and speakers- I’ll see you at the next Australian WordCamp.


News - 27 Jul 2012 - by Rob Jennings

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