WordPress makes sense

User friendly | Open source | Content management system 

We love WordPress because it is a user friendly, open source software that can be used to make all sorts of websites.

Millions of people are using WordPress each day which makes it a dynamic and developing software, publicly available, without ever losing the original source code. We can also extend the WordPress platform with plugins and themes.

WordPress Training

We are confident that most of our clients can use WordPress after a couple of hours of training. Our training has flexible delivery for individual need. We Push Buttons staff are happy to conduct one-on-one training or take small groups of up to six people for intensive workshops. This means you can choose the time, cost and method of training that suits you best. We’ll show you how to add new content, troubleshoot plug-in issues, automate backups, speed up your website and fine-tune your SEO.

You can see our Training Services here.

Plugins and themes

WordPress has many free plugins that extend your site to become an eCommerce shop, a blog, a database, a membership site, a health service site, a booking and ticketing site. Name it and you can make it in WordPress. Its flexibility is its number one appeal.

Speak to us about eCommerce Web Design. If you are thinking of launching an online store, we have the expertise to build you a simple yet highly functional eCommerce website.


WordPress is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) too. Google analyses data from each site to create page rankings as do other search engines. WordPress accommodates the parameters of good SEO on each page of a website so you can boost your rankings and be found on the net faster than your competitors.

We provide comprehensive SEO services. We will develop a successful SEO campaign based on analysis and create a marketing plan aimed at increasing your website’s search engine rankings.

Once the fundamentals of SEO is in place you will be able to manage your internet marketing and SEO in-house. We will be there for any technical issues that need solving, but with our tailored maintenance plan and the training component of your package, you will have the skills to grow your online brand.

You can check out our SEO Services here.


In addition to all the above reasons why we love WordPress, is there are plenty of tutorial videos out there on the web and forums to help with those tricky elements of design. As well as plenty of YouTube tutorials we can’t go past WordPress’ own learning site. Its full of instruction and design tips solves problems and issues.

Save money

We have some expert coders here at We Push Buttons so we can dream up some appealing designs with moving parts and tricky styling. We also love WordPress because you don’t have to be an expert or pay for amazing plugins to customise your site. This means our clients can learn and understand how to manage their sites in house, saving them money and giving them more control over it in the long term.

Social media

Your WordPress blog can be synced with your email marketing campaign or with all your social media feeds. Essentially WordPress is the best Content Management System produced so far and because it has a large community of developers, it continuously improves and solves problems.

WordPress sites:

  • Are fast loading
  • Are responsive on all devices
  • Integrate with social media
  • SEO friendly
  • Are constantly updated with good coding standards
  • Easy to navigate
  • Generate site maps to search engines so they are easily readable
  • Are easy image optimisation for SEO purposes
  • Are easy to customise
  • Support all forms of media such as images, audio and video files
  • Are secure
News - 14 May 2019 - by Debon Dwyer

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