Online videos are an important part of any marketing strategy. Its not as simple as producing a video, post it on the web hoping someone will find it among all the noise on the web. Its not a successful strategy. You need a platform for your video, one where all the sound-bite babble is hushed. And, that’s why we love Vimeo.

Vimeo is often described as a niche community of like-minded film and video enthusiasts, it is all that and much more. If you’ve worked hard on an online campaign for your business, produced a quality marketing video and are ready to launch, Vimeo is the best platform for you.

Many advertisers choose YouTube without question, believing that their advertising dollar is best spent with the online streaming giant, but there are some serious drawbacks. For a start, it is very easy for other advertisers to hijack your campaign by placing their ads on your video. Also, YouTube has no quality control, so regardless of content, your video may end up alongside videos of men dancing in chicken suits or cute cat videos. Due to questionable content, YouTube is blocked by many companies, so you may not be able to reach your target audience during business hours.

Yes it is smaller, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in quality. Vimeo offers a clean, stylish aesthetic, an engaged community and quality content. Most importantly Vimeo offers a spam-free environment where your marketing gem can shine – there are no banners or pre-video commercials to distract the viewer because Vimeo does not run advertisements on any of the videos you upload.

The Vimeo business plan is approximately $55 per month and includes:

  • FTP and Dropbox Integration
  • Mobile, Tablet and TV Compatibility
  • Easy Bandwidth Calculations
  • Customisable Video Player
  • Full HTML5 Compatability
  • Third party video player support
  • Statistical data

You’ve spent time and money creating your marketing video, so make sure you get the most out of your online presence. Vimeo may be a smaller platform than Youtube, but there are a couple of ways you can optimise your business experience and make the platform work for you:

  • Get engaged with the Vimeo community. Follow some channels with interests close to your own, comment on other users’ videos and make sure you reply to any comments your video receives
  • Make sure your video is available across a range of channels. Keep in mind that Vimeo has a smaller audience than Youtube, so you there is a greater need to cross-promote your video on social media, websites and blogs. This approach will help drive your audience on the Vimeo platform

With so much to offer businesses who are interested in creating intelligent, quality content, there’s a lot to love on Vimeo, so why not take a look?


Resources - 23 Sep 2015 - by Rob Jennings

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