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The Impact of COVID-19 on Start-Up Ecosystems

Key findings from this initial analysis are: Capital 41% of startups globally are threatened in what we call “red zone”: they have three months or less of cash runway left. Many very young startups live with only a few months in cash—29% were in that situation already before the crisis—but the crisis put 40% more… Read more »

Free illustrations to help fight the spread of coronavirus

Fight Corona with Art We wanted to let you know about a new website called Minty which offers collections of illustrations to assist you in creating beautiful websites or digital marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of mainly European illustrators listed on the site and they are offering free downloads on COVID-19 illustrations that are all… Read more »

Finding Events Close to You Via Geolocation
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Geolocation: Using an events calendar program to highlight events close to the user As part of the development of the Farm Table site, we were looking to add a geo-location feature to show a list of events within a certain distance of the currently logged in user’s address, information which is held in their private… Read more »

What Makes a Good Community Directory?

Community Directories A lot of local councils are taking up the building community directories as part of their strategy to strengthen their communities. Some of the existing directories are quite good, comprehensive and easy to navigate and some are visually messy and confusing to use. An online directory is a convenient place to search for… Read more »

Hosting and Maintaining WordPress

Hosting and Maintaining WordPress One of the great things about WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, is the ease with which it can be hosted. The underlying technologies that it uses are among the most commonly offered by hosting providers, and the ease with which it can be deployed is one of the things… Read more »

Downloadable SEO Glossary of Terms

The language of search engine optimisation (SEO) is confusing if you don’t use it everyday. To help you understand we’ve created a simple downloadable glossary of terms. Download the SEO Glossary

WordPress Training Manual

Updating your WordPress website eBook If you are one of our clients you would have received training on managing and updating your website. Chances are you may have forgotten how to do something which is why we have the following WordPress Training Manual for your reference. If you prefer your learning video based feel free… Read more »

Internet Marketing for Creatives: The eBook

Marketing for Creatives: The eBook   Being a creative often means you need to wear many different hats on different days, from being the creator of your work, to its sole salesman, PR agent, resident branding expert, social media guru, delivery person, even a bookkeeper. The internet has made huge changes to the way people… Read more »

So you want to be a Web Developer?

What do Web Developers do? Web Developers (also called Web Content Developers and Webmasters) design, maintain and update websites. It is a Web Developer’s job to plan and design the layout of a website from the basics to advanced interactive applications. When a client hires a Web Developer, they will want you to create a… Read more »

Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing

Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing- eBook As many of you know we contribute articles every month or so to online magazines and publications both in Australia and overseas. From these articles we are often invited to be interviewed on radio, podcasts, newspaper articles and in this instance be part of a fantastic eBook series… Read more »

Why We Love Vimeo

Online videos are an important part of any marketing strategy. Its not as simple as producing a video, post it on the web hoping someone will find it among all the noise on the web. Its not a successful strategy. You need a platform for your video, one where all the sound-bite babble is hushed.… Read more »

Crowd Funding for not-for-profits

Crowd Funding for Art Galleries and Museums   Working with a diverse range of not-for-profits and cultural institutions we are always looking to ways in which we can generate additional revenue for organisations, whether it be for a new staircase or additional staff. This was part of a presentation I gave to the City of… Read more »

Free Business plan for Freelancers
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Free Business Plan for Small Businesses Looking around the internet a few years ago I was struck by the shear quantity of Business plans out there that were all geared for big business. Forward projections of revenue with an asset registry as long as my arm. These days there are so many freelancers and micro-businesses… Read more »

Free Alternative to Word
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Free Document & Spreadsheet software: 10 years ago when writing documents and spreadsheets it was Microsoft Office Word or Excel or nothing. These days the competition has heated up. LibreOffice is a free fully fledged suite of programs where you will be able to run a small business efficiently and effectively. Their version of Word… Read more »

How many different image sizes should my logo be?

This is a really important question to ask yourself. In this digital world you need your company logos in a variety of sizes and formats. Traditionally you needed a logo for your letterhead and one for your website. Now you need one for your social media profile on 10 different channels, print ready logos, plus… Read more »

Is Semantic UI the next Bootstrap?

Introducing Semantic UI, an easy to understand responsive front-end framework. If you have been a web designer for a long time, it is more than likely that you have come across, or at the very least, heard of Bootstrap. Much like jQuery, it is a front-end framework–-initially established by Twitter–-that tries to reduce the coding time… Read more »

Tips on Choosing the Right Printer

Choosing the right printer is not as simple as it first appears. Taking your time to research the right printer for your situation will save you money in the long run as well as countless one way arguments with your machine. Where do you start; you head to the local computer shop only to find… Read more »

Say No to a Messy Office
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Organising your office Making sure your studio space is organised will not only save time wasted looking for that piece of paper but you will be able to think clearer as well.  As someone who isn’t naturally a neat, it became essential that I kept a tidy studio/office. The number one thing I needed in order to do… Read more »

Before signing a lease #1
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When signing a lease, whether it be for an office, retail shop or studio space,  there are always a few critical questions to be asked. Signing a long term lease without thinking about the potential issues is like buying a house without getting a building inspection. It should be okay, but if not,  it could… Read more »