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What is Content Marketing?

In the old days of the internet content marketing meant article writing. These days it encompasses far more than just words:

  • Relevant articles in your niche
  • Industry specific tips and tricks as well as FAQs
  • Social media imagery such as memes
  • Infographics
  • Company news, staff profiles, case studies
  • E-Books and white papers
  • Presentation slide graphics
  • Brochures, flyers and business cards
  • Podcasts and videos


Content Writers

The written content of your website is the backbone of your business online. Content should be used to convey quality information, generate interest and engagement and ultimately lead to sales.

Finding a happy medium between informative text and an entertaining read is not always easy. The cyber world is a fickle, noisy place. If you are not providing quality content on your website, people will not stay on your site for long and you will also miss opportunities to engage with potential clients.

Content Strategy

A great content strategy guides future content development by aligning the businesses goals with opportunities in the marketplace depending upon budget, industry niche and location.

Without a content strategy an organisation creates disparate content that isn’t based around a common theme and rarely gains traction as it leads to average content that doesn’t engage with the target audience.

Developing a Content Strategy requires:

  • Researching the industry
  • A full competitor analysis
  • Research the organisations goals, aspirations and taarget audience
  • Assess the organisations assets, staff and current content
  • Create a 6-month plan based around budget and KPIs
  • Assemble the correct content marketing team for that organisation

SEO and your Content Marketing campaign:

  • The campaign is to bring new visitors and ultimately further clients to your website. If prospects can find you at the top of their search engine results, you have a far greater chance of gaining new business over the longer term.
  • Build a framework for sustainable long-term business growth– Your online marketing investment needs to pay off over the long term, so growing your organisations profile and digital footprint is vital so the benefits are there in years to come.
  • Optimise your website to convert traffic into customers – Gaining additional traffic to your website is vital, however just as importantly is being able to convert visitors into enquiries and ultimately more business.
  • Performance tracking – Any content marketing campaign should produce a tangible return on your investment. You need to ensure each aspect of the campaign is tracked and monitored with monthly reporting, continuously iterating as we go.

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In our experience content marketing delivers the best results for propelling small businesses to the next level but don’t expect immediate results.

You need a thorough plan, a realistic time frame, as well a reasonable budget and several different people with complementary skills in order to gain traction.

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