Custom eCommerce Web Design

Numerous benefits of eCommerce Online shoppers can browse products, read reviews and compare prices without leaving home. eCommerce is the way of the now and the future. Every business needs a great website that customers can easily navigate. Your products catalogue and shopping cart will be well organised and user friendly with a tried and… Read more »

Building an Accessible Website

An accessible website is vital for all website owners. People of all abilities use the web for access to resources that help them in life. This includes access to health care services and information, employment, research and entertainment to name a few. Making your site accessible to all will help you avoid costly adjustments in… Read more »

What Makes a Good Website?

Responsive A website needs to be responsive on all devices, which means it has to look good and be easy to navigate on mobile phones, iPads, tablets and monitors of all screen dimensions. The website has to function and look appealing on the different browsers, such as Google, Bing and Safari. Navigation We all have… Read more »

What Prototyping tools do we use at We Push Buttons?

Most of our clients have never heard of prototyping, UX or UI, however, once they begin a new website development project with us they very quickly learn how important these tools are to ensure that their vision can be translated into the online world.  Just as artists sketch a new piece of work prior to… Read more »

Building a Health Directory into your Practitioner Website
Why we use BigCommerce in our eCommerce Design Agency

  Why we recommend BigCommerce:   BigCommerce is a reliable hosted platform You’ve probably heard the terms “open-source platform” and “hosted platform” in reference to various content management systems. The difference between these two types of platforms is huge. When you use an open-source platform, you’re responsible for maintaining a hosting account, installing the software,… Read more »

Interactive Websites for Teaching and Learning Fun

Put away your Power Point presentations and forget about Publisher as tools for delivering education and check out these interactive websites for teaching and learning fun. The following three websites offer easy to use, exciting alternatives to traditional presentation tools. Powtoon animation website Release your inner animator on this free to use website that wants… Read more »

Get Your Small Business Website Design Right the First Time

Small business website design If you want to push the right buttons with your customers, read about the eight essential elements of an effective small business website below: Have a plan If you build it on the web, they won’t necessarily come unless you have a strong sales strategy. In order to get the most… Read more »

Adding Interactive Games to Your Website
Small Business – Get Your Website Right First Time

Getting Your Website Right First Time Your website is the first place many potential customers go when they are researching products and services. An effective, properly planned website is essential. A well designed website increases traffic and turns inquiries into sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns. If you want to… Read more »

Tips for Writing a Case Study

Tips for Writing a Case Study Why do you need Case Studies on your site? Assume the client does not have any intuition about your processes. Case Studies are designed to win the confidence of a prospective client. Detailed cases studies provide evidence that your business or organisation is capable of delivering the services that… Read more »

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is basically a software system that facilitates administration, authoring and collaborative content creation for web users who are not experienced with web programming languages. The three most popular CMS are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are easy to use and are often favoured by small businesses, individual bloggers and not-for-profit organisations. We have written… Read more »

Matterport 3D Walk Through Features for Your Website

Matterport is a great 3D walk through feature on your website We have been approached by clients to embed Matterport walk through into their website allowing visitors to explore architectural spaces in a virtual 3D format. Matterport is a great digital solution for architects, real estate agents, and builders to showcase internal and external spaces… Read more »

What is UX Design?

UX Design is User Interface Development Providing a successful user experience requires a balanced approach throughout the development life cycle. To ensure this balance, you must not only focus on implementing the functionality required to complete a task but also on how the task is exposed through the user interface. Remember, the user interface must… Read more »

Why You Need a Professional Photographer

Three good reasons a professional photographer will add value to your website: A professional photographer will help you stand out in the digital space and make a statement about your company vision and values. Strong, original images that add to your business story are the best option for your website. Professional photographers take the time… Read more »

Health Care Websites – Five of our Favourites
post image

Examples of our favourite web designs from the health care sector We have done some digging and found five health care websites that showcase great design aesthetics.   Better Health Channel With a full-screen homepage featuring well-placed logos and crisp greens on a background of autumn colours, Better Health Channel has immediate consumer appeal. The… Read more »

Visual Communication and Design

Logos, Branding and Web Design As a visual communication and design professional, I particularly love the way that the internet has enhanced, nurtured and developed communication design for all kinds of businesses and organisations. It is my job to ensure that our clients are being heard and remembered, among the cacophony of competing messages everywhere… Read more »

Your Small Business & the Web Design Process

The Web Design Process What you need to know before contacting a web designer Your website is the first place many potential customers go when they are researching products and services so an effective, properly planned website is essential. A well designed website increases traffic and turns enquiries into sales at a fraction of the… Read more »

Goodreads vs. Booktopia

Goodreads vs. Booktopia: What’s the difference? Goodreads and Booktopia are all about books and reading, but that’s where the similarity ends. One site is dedicated to reader interactivity while the other is a dedicated online bookstore. If you’re wondering which site to join, read on!   Goodreads Goodreads is a seriously interactive, reader-orientated site, and… Read more »

WordPress now powers 25% of the worlds websites!

Other web developers often ask why we chose to develop most of our sites in WordPress. Often it is with an elitist edge wondering why we would lower downground our skills to develop on WordPress. The thing is we can develop a site for 1/3 of the price of a Drupal or Magento site and… Read more »