What do Web Developers do?

Web Developers (also called Web Content Developers and Webmasters) design, maintain and update websites. It is a Web Developer’s job to plan and design the layout of a website from the basics to advanced interactive applications.

When a client hires a Web Developer, they will want you to create a user-friendly website that promotes their products and services to the right audience. A Web Developer is often expected to wear more than one hat because, as the first point of contact clients will expect feedback on all facets of their website development.
Because each website is built from the bottom up by the Web Developer with consumer ease-of-use in mind, communication is important: Web Developers often liaise with clients, copywriters, artists, illustrators and designers while developing a site.

A Web Developer may:

  •  Meet with clients to discuss their brief
  • Identify potential site-users for the website and create a marketing strategy
  • Construct the layout of the website, including the number of pages, links and user-friendly design
  • Include interactive capabilities if required
  • Identify and correct problems
  • Convert written, graphic, video and audio content to compatible web formats
  • Analyse website performance through periodic testing and run updates to ensure the website functions in all browsers
  • Research new techniques and technologies

Although Web Developers are often more focused on how a website works than how it looks, many still design the artwork and write content

What is the difference between a Web Developer and Web Designer?

The line is blurred between web development and design, but generally speaking Web Developers focus on the technical and Web Designers focus on the look and feel of a website. In terms of technology:

  • A Web Developer will be concerned with functionality and features such shopping carts and will use coding languages such as JavaScript or CSS
  • A Web Designer will use software like Sketch to create an overall design and branding graphics that will appeal to the target audienceIt is not unusual to find a freelance Web Developer or Designer who can do both development and design. Designer/Developers are usually very good at managing website start-ups because they understand both the ‘front’ and ‘back’ end requirements for building a user-friendly, attractive website.
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