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The term virtual office might not be known to everyone involved in the small business community as it really is only a new trend in the world of business. A Virtual office is described as a place which primarily provides telecommunication services and a mailing address for businesses in a different location than the businesses main headquarters. The core services of a virtual office are phone operators being used as receptionists, mail forwarding services and finally as an occasional corporate meeting place.
The main purpose of hiring the services of a virtual office is to give a company a professional touch and a ‘big business’ image. Secondly it also saves time, space and the huge expense of hiring full time employees. Companies around the world offer these virtual office services mainly to small businesses, trade suppliers and start-up organizations. One of the other benefits of a virtual office is that they give the business a mailing address in a Central Business District of an important city. This can give a small business a façade of a big company.

Virtual Office Services:

Telephone Service:

Upon hiring the services of a virtual office, the customer will be allotted a unique telephone number. Upon calling that number, the caller will be greeted by a receptionist who will direct them to the specified department of your company. The caller does not know that the receptionist is not at the same location as where the company actually operates.

This is perfect for freelancers that simply don’t have the time or money for a full-time employee.

Forwarding Mail:

The second core service offered by virtual offices is that of forwarding mail. In this service the virtual office allots an address in a prestigious location and all of the customer’s correspondents and mail is delivered to that address. Later, all mail is either collected by the client or forwarded to the actual address of the client. Mail forwarding services give small business an air of professionalism, akin to a large corporation in a prime location.

Location for Meetings:

Many virtual offices also offer a space in an inner city location for meetings for a set amount of time per week. If you ever need to pitch an idea to key clients having access to a boardroom every few weeks could be well worth the expense.

Professional Services:

More expensive virtual offices offer premium services that ensure the receptionist knows every bit about your business. Less expensive packages mean you may have someone that simply answers the call and forwards the call on.
Using a virtual office might not be for every small business but it is certainly worth considering if you are too busy to answer all your own phone calls yet don’t have the cash flow for a full time office assistant.

Author Bio: Sasha Gibbs, a professional writer who is keen to write on topics related to B2B wholesale trade, marketing, wedding arrangements and suppliers businesses.


Small Business Ideas - 7 Dec 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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