Tips for Writing a Case Study

Why do you need Case Studies on your site?

Assume the client does not have any intuition about your processes.

Case Studies are designed to win the confidence of a prospective client. Detailed cases studies provide evidence that your business or organisation is capable of delivering the services that you claim you can provide.

  • It’s as simple as walking them through the project
  • Outlining your strategy from conception to completion
  • Provide the rationale behind project management decisions


When starting a new project, proactively think about how you will document your processes for a written Case Study. Documentation is key, even in the form of notes and doodles. Keep it all for reference.

Five Core Elements of the Case Study

  • Overview: Keep it brief, simple and quick to understand for skim reading. Include the main problem, an overview of the solution, and key results. Articulate the gist well in few words. The reader should get a picture of the entire project in a nutshell.
  • Context and challenge: provide a detailed description of the context that led to the creation of the project. Three main elements:
    1. project description and background: timelines, budgetary constraints, and purpose of the job
    2. the issue: the WHY of the project, describe the issues that led to the conception of the project
    3. project goals and objectives: what are the tangible goals of the project
  • Process: This is where you elaborate on how you worked the challenge into a solution. Its where you describe the concepts that led to final decisions. During this process, you would have a good idea of the client’s customers, their industry and their competitors. You would have identified their strengths and where their message needed a boost to draw in more customers
  • The Solution: In this section of your Case Study you include an overview of your strategy and the solutions achieved by the process. It’s also your chance to describe the unique attributes you have used to deal with challenges.
  • The Result: Business owners are most interested in the result. They need evidence that their money will be well spent. It’s important to be able to show your strategy directly boosts their sales goals. If your Case Study describes the analytics and statistics directly influenced by your approach, you are providing more evidence that your agency can do a great job for the next client.
Small Business Ideas - 3 Oct 2018 - by Debon Dwyer

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