• Since Twitter began there has been 163 billion tweets all up, 63 billion from Joe Hildebrand
  • Social Media has overtaken Porn as the number one past time of internet users.
  • Brazil publishes more posts on Facebook than any other country. Is that due to Carnivale?
  • Each day 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, again those Brazilians are well represented
  • The top five of the top 100 hash tags on Instagram are #love, #instagood, #me, #tbt and #cute. That’s a lot of selfies.
  • 28.1 percent of Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100,000- and a love of over priced interior design.
  • The automotive industry has the most fans on Google+ with 2.7 million people in their circle. Proof enough that you need more than a good social media profile to stay in business.
  • 68 percent of Google+ users are Male, possibly suggesting why the auto industry is popular on Google+
  • 818.4 million people accessed the internet on a mobile phone as of mid-2013. When you’re next walking past a pizza shop and your phone rings with a 20% discount the shop doesn’t have Jedi mind powers its tracking you.
  • 100% of  total user statistics issued by Social Media companies are BS. These statistics are for total number of users that have signed into the social network once. Never mind the 25 million robots that auto-tweet on Twitter- though the statistics keep shareholders happy.
  • 60% of bloggers are aged between 25-44, 75% of these bloggers live at home with their parents.

Tune in next month for more random interesting social media statistics that suit my limited range of jokes.



Digital Marketing - 26 Jul 2013 - by Rob Jennings

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When he found himself embroiled in a conversation with someone talking about their ‘customer-centric core competencies’ he realised it was time to create a Web Design Agency that was less about self promoting buzz-words and more about people and giving them the tools to understand the web.

The idea behind We Push Buttons was to create an environment where business owners can learn about building their organisation, whether it be with an outstanding website, SEO or any other marketing ideas. Coming from the art industry and online retail background he knows first hand the needs of growing a business in a tough environment.