You can’t be in business these days without a Social Media presence.

If you’re dragging your feet about getting onto the social media campaign bandwagon then there’s no time like the present to get started.

You’d be surprised what a Social Media campaign can do for your business, so why not ask us today how to get started?

You need to know which social media platform is right for your business. Know your target audience and appeal to them on their platform of choice.

A few statistics on Social Media for websites:

  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed each day – mainly on YouTube
  • 250 million people use Facebook on their mobile phones world wide
  • Australia has 2.2 million active Twitter users
  • Over 50 % of Australians access news and information on their smartphone
  • There are 11.5 million Facebook users in Australia
  • 630,000 Australians are on Pinterest
  • The average Facebook user has 130 friends

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Digital Marketing - 25 Nov 2019 - by Debon Dwyer

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