Social Media and your business

Social media is one of those things we promise ourselves to schedule in at the end of the working day. Yet how often do we break that promise as other work takes priority with seemingly not enough hours in the day? With the average business owner working up to 12 hours a day, it’s a wonder how they can possibly post daily blogs, tweet three or more times a day, respond to comments all while keeping their personal life together.

In the current social media market, trends develop constantly and guidelines change, but as any one of these “How to” guides will tell you, social media requires time. One such book I recommend is The Digital Handshake at This audio book includes several hours of informational material on all the different methods of gaining exposure on social media.


Including social media into your business schedule

Personally as a small business owner, I do not work the usual nine-to-five hours that most of the population do. While running my own business, the practice of finishing work hours late into the night is quite common. Working into this long day I have to spend considerable time seeking to engage new clients. When my potential clients days are winding down, is the time I have to spare on my social media marketing schedule.

Studies have shown that while in theory the internet is always on, and someone is always around, it seems the internet is still vulnerable to the highs and lows of regional based traffic.  The internet does seem to have a “nine-to-five” when it comes to reaching people within your area or country. You can see now how a business could be wondering how it could utilise the social media market if it has to set aside time during crucial business hours. Posting a blog can sometimes take two hours, and finding substantive material to tweet about can be time consuming as well.

There is a solution…

Schedule your social media

You might think a tweet on Twitter has to be instant but think again. There are a variety of free services that make it possible to sign into your twitter account and post tweets that will tweet when you want them to. The average recommended tweets a day is about three, so scheduling for the start, middle, and towards the end of the work day has the potential for great exposure. If you really want your followers to engage, keep your tweets personable or about a topic that could be helpful or is interesting. Scheduling your tweets leaves you to your work while your computer chirps your song for you.

Delayed Blog Posts

Most of the popular CMS’s out there like WordPress, Drupal, and my favourite MODx, have the ability to also schedule when new blog posts are made. I have often published a blog post at night, only for it to suffer from lack of exposure, lost in the next mornings news. This is where delaying the publishing time can greatly help to catch the eye of those subscribed to your feed. The best all round social media scheduling tool I have found so far is BufferThe incredible thing about Buffer is you can manage all your social media posting and scheduling through the one interface. Buffer allows you to schedule multiple social media profiles months in advance if that’s your strategy.


 Now you can plan your blogs and social media interactions with your customers on a more manageable schedule.

We Push Buttons take on outsourced social media campaigns for busy clients. Our expertise and commitment to your brand promotion will see an traffic to your website and social media points of contact with clients grow exponentially. If you would like to discuss your social media ideas and projects then contact us today.

Digital Marketing - 8 Jan 2020 - by Rob Jennings

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