Five of our favourite eCommerce web designs

The best eCommerce web designs double as online showcases for the business they represent, but they should, first and foremost, reinforce brand awareness and sell products and services. Capturing maximum sales and return traffic is less problematic when web design is holistic. It’s not enough to embed newsletter sign-ups and ‘buy now’ buttons. If a… Read more »

The Five Main Types of Software Licenses
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Software Licenses What they are and how you can use them: Traditionally Software Licenses were commercial in use – you paid a set price and you were allowed to use that software whether it be an Office Program, an Accounting Package or an Anti-Virus Program on one or more computers. And there is big money… Read more »

Why you need multiple CVs
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There are many different reasons why you need a CV. The most obvious is when you go for a job interview but there are many other instances you may need a CV so you need to tailor it to the circumstance. Resumes for employment Education institutes Applying for grants or funding Work visas in foreign countries,… Read more »

eCommerce Discussed Part #2: Processing Payments

Processing Payments & your eCommerce store: Processing payment programs are the least understood part of running an eCommerce store- solely because it is completely bewildering! The most common payment platform is PayPal. It is one of the most secure forms of transferring money between buyer and seller and protects your account details so you don’t get… Read more »

Thinking of an Online eCommerce Store? Part #1: Freight Costs

Freight Costs & your eCommerce store: As with everything in business you need to make sure you have planned properly and researched thoroughly, as a wrong decision in the design stage will cost you thousands and will lead to dozens of hours a week in maintenance, inventory control and double handling. Determine freight & postage fees… Read more »

Some interesting Social Media Statistics
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Since Twitter began there has been 163 billion tweets all up, 63 billion from Joe Hildebrand Social Media has overtaken Porn as the number one past time of internet users. Brazil publishes more posts on Facebook than any other country. Is that due to Carnivale? Each day 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, again those… Read more »

Everyone is a Brand
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Personal Branding Whether you like it or not these days everyone is a brand I had a senior moment the other day… and learnt something new. We were sitting around with good friends and colleagues discussing the marketing plan for our new website and brainstorming ideas for some of our new projects. The talk turned… Read more »

Considering an E-Commerce site?

11 things to consider when developing an E-commerce site E-commerce. It’s been a buzz-word of the retail industry for the last decade or so. It seems so easy to get an online store and start making money. Customers come to you, via your website. What’s not to like? Every retailers dream, right? In reality it’s… Read more »

QR Codes: Are they suitable for your business?
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What is a QR Code? QR Codes, in a nut shell, are bar codes that link to a web page. QR stands for Quick Response, which bypasses the need for a person to type in a web address, hence quicker access to information. It saves people the time it takes to input data manually by… Read more »

Using PPC: How it Affects your Business
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Using PPC in your small business   I’m asked quite frequently how to use programs such as AdWords, in particular, how to take advantage of everything PPC programs like these have to offer. Due to the high volume of inquiries on the subject, I wanted to share this blog with all the small business owners… Read more »

Can a newspaper redesign increase sales?

Newspaper Design: Why has it barely changed in 200 years? We continuously hear about the death of the newspaper due to the never ending march of technology. Yet there are still many of us that look forward to flipping over the daily newspaper first thing in the morning. Certainly circulation is down in most regions… Read more »

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs VPS Hosting We can often become overwhelmed with the number of options available when it comes to web hosting. There are so many sellers, resellers, oversellers – how do we cut through to find out what we really need? It all mostly comes down to three kinds of… Read more »

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing for your business Cloud computing is one of the latest IT technology marketing buzzwords. Is it something you can take advantage of in your business or is it just the latest in a long line of ‘next big’ things that just don’t cut it. Before we look at the benefits Cloud computing could… Read more »

Email Safety Precautions

Email Safety Precautions and Best Practices Some people are very cautious about the sites they visit and the files they download but are very careless about protecting themselves from exploitation via emails. So I thought I’d share some safety precautions you can utilize to keep from getting infected with various types of malware via your… Read more »

Internet Security
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WordPress & Internet Security Internet Security for your WordPress website With Malware and Hacker attacks making the news every second day securing your website has never been more important. Vlad Lasky gave a great talk at WordCamp Sydney last weekend explaining some of the issues involved in securing your wordpress website and how to make… Read more »

Digital Marketing on Pinterest
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Are you Pinterested? Today’s post is a goldmine for those that either use a lot of visual items on their website or that are actually selling a tangible product. If you happen to sell tangible, visual items, then you are going to be blown away by the possibilities! You have probably heard of Pinterest… it… Read more »

Open Source Software
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Open Source Software for Small Business Computers offer the small business owner such amazing tools to create, publish and promote one’s business that marketing your business, art studio or next book has never been easier. And with such a vibrant Open Source Software community, today’s business owner can build a great computer that does almost… Read more »

Acronyms in Business

Acronyms as Logos Acronyms are everywhere in today’s society. The global use of emails and text messaging has heralded a whole dictionary full of regularly used acronyms, some of which have also made it into everyday conversations – OMG (oh my god) LOL (laugh out loud) ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) OTT (over the top)… Read more »

Can your Business Name be Used as a Logo?

Using your business name as a logo: Not all logos have to have a pretty picture or a mascot animal. A growing number of successful businesses are choosing to present their name as their logo. With the addition of a great font and a selection of colours, a simple business name can be transported into… Read more »

I’m Just Passing Through
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I’m Just Passing Through First, I suppose I ought to introduce myself. Everyone calls me Doc. I’ve tried a few times to shake that nickname, but after nearly forty years, I decided I was stuck with it so I just gave up. I’m a friend of Rob’s, just dropping in to help cover his absence… Read more »