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The Impact of COVID-19 on Start-Up Ecosystems

Key findings from this initial analysis are: Capital 41% of startups globally are threatened in what we call “red zone”: they have three months or less of cash runway left. Many very young startups live with only a few months in cash—29% were in that situation already before the crisis—but the crisis put 40% more… Read more »

eCommerce Web Design for the Food Industry

eCommerce Web Development for the Food, Beverage & Wholesale food industries The website design of your eCommerce food industry site is important and needs to reflect your branding and send a clear message that allows you stand out from your competitors. Photography is vitally important for any eCommerce development Whether you are a butcher, delicatessen,… Read more »

Working from Home Tips

Working from home for the first time? Working from home, who doesn’t love it? If you rely on the internet and a computer to do your job, technology makes it possible. But, can we be as productive at home as we are in the office? Stats say we can if it is well managed. Best… Read more »

Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations Airtable Database

You can find the Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations in Australia database here. We Push Buttons have clients who use Airtable as a cloud based collaborative spread sheet with many more features such as fields being able to hold long form text, images, links, attachments, check-boxes, drop-down lists and numeric data. You can opt to… Read more »

Online Booking System for Clients

What is an online booking system? An online booking system is a software that allows you to manage reservations through your website. The advantage of having an online booking system is that your booking system never sleeps. Customers can book anytime, even if you are not there to attend to business. A booking system does… Read more »

Tips for Writing a Case Study

Tips for Writing a Case Study Why do you need Case Studies on your site? Assume the client does not have any intuition about your processes. Case Studies are designed to win the confidence of a prospective client. Detailed cases studies provide evidence that your business or organisation is capable of delivering the services that… Read more »

Why You Need a Professional Photographer

Three good reasons a professional photographer will add value to your website: A professional photographer will help you stand out in the digital space and make a statement about your company vision and values. Strong, original images that add to your business story are the best option for your website. Professional photographers take the time… Read more »

Storm Season Backup Servers

Backup your server Storm season – time to get a backup server The recent autumn storms that lashed the east coast of Australia are a not too subtle reminder that all businesses, large and small, should have backup servers in a separate location to their main business premises. As well as keeping a backup server, business owners… Read more »

Visual Communication and Design

Logos, Branding and Web Design As a visual communication and design professional, I particularly love the way that the internet has enhanced, nurtured and developed communication design for all kinds of businesses and organisations. It is my job to ensure that our clients are being heard and remembered, among the cacophony of competing messages everywhere… Read more »

Hosting and Maintaining WordPress

Hosting and Maintaining WordPress One of the great things about WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, is the ease with which it can be hosted. The underlying technologies that it uses are among the most commonly offered by hosting providers, and the ease with which it can be deployed is one of the things… Read more »

How to use Pozible, Australia’s Crowdfunding Platform

Getting it right is Pozible! Pop onto Pozible and scroll through past successes, and you’ll find projects spanning everything from the arts to animal and human welfare. Artists, innovators, educators and community and environmental groups have all benefited from successful Pozible campaigns: the diversity of excellent projects on offer is a testament to the strength… Read more »

What is a Landing Page?

If you are using a home page as your landing page you are most likely losing valuable sales leads. The home page of your website is designed to be general purpose and explain what it is your business does, and why you do it so well. Imagine your home page is the shop front window:… Read more »

Your Small Business & the Web Design Process

The Web Design Process What you need to know before contacting a web designer Your website is the first place many potential customers go when they are researching products and services so an effective, properly planned website is essential. A well designed website increases traffic and turns enquiries into sales at a fraction of the… Read more »

What is the Ultimate Content Marketing Team?
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What is the ultimate content marketing team?   A content marketing team functions within a framework that has a content strategy, a sufficient timeline, and a realistic budget to work with. The team will consist of several different people with complementary skills in order to execute a content marketing strategy. How can you get the… Read more »

Logos and Brand Recognition

Branding Recognition & Logo Design It’s a competitive world out there for a growing business. In today’s climate of endless advertising possibilities including TV and radio ads, letterbox catalogues, newsletters, forums and social media, it can be tricky to stay ahead of the game. Having a business that has an immediate brand recognition means that… Read more »

WordPress now powers 25% of the worlds websites!

Other web developers often ask why we chose to develop most of our sites in WordPress. Often it is with an elitist edge wondering why we would lower downground our skills to develop on WordPress. The thing is we can develop a site for 1/3 of the price of a Drupal or Magento site and… Read more »

Choosing a Self-publishing Platform

Choosing a Self-publishing Platform Any writer who has made it to the end of a manuscript (and through the various edits) knows how hard it is to finish, however, there’s something waiting for you that’s even tougher than finishing that book – marketing and publishing it! Nevertheless, it’s not impossible and with self-publishing no longer… Read more »

Collaboration Resources for Business

Collaboration Resources for Business One of the biggest problems facing creatives today is often just how many people need to work together to get a project off the ground. It is vital that you are able to share, collaborate and learn with your team no matter where they are based. Drop Box Drop Box is… Read more »

Managed Web Hosting: Smart Start-Up

We’re constantly asked by businesses as to why they need to consider paying extra for a managed hosting package. Most start up small businesses don’t think it’s necessary, and often it isn’t but if you have a successful business on the rise or you don’t have the expertise in-house then managed hosting should be on… Read more »